Actor Peter O'Meara Blows Up The Forgotten on ABC

Award winning Irish performer Peter O'Meara stars ABC The Forgotten. Jan 15th 2010.

Online PR News – 17-December-2009 – – 2010 is already lining up to be a big year for handsome Irish charmer Peter O'Meara. January 5th sees O'Meara star on hit ABC Bruckheimer series The Forgotten followed by a hilarious silver screen turn with Amy Adams and Mathew Goode in romantic comedy Leap Year which filmed in his native Tipperary, Ireland earlier in the year.

Best known for his acclaimed performance as 1st Lt Norman Dike in Tom Hanks/ Steven Spielberg HBO epic mini series 'Band of Brothers', fans of romantic comedy know Peter as Justin Longs friend Bill in Warner bros mega hit 'He's Just Not That Into You'. "I had such a great time on that movie. Played quarters with Scarlett Johansson in a Baltimore hotel at three in the morning. What made that really special was the night security threatening to throw us into the street because of all the noise. Considering the company we were in Kevin Connolly, Jimmy Fallon and Ginnifer Goodwin the volume wasn't surprising. They're very fun people to be around."

Which do you prefer comedy or drama?
"I would like to get to do more comedy. The business tends to see me in a very dramatic light. So I'm either playing the dangerous desperado or the cunning evil genius. In reality I'm a total clown. There's no one more likely to fall over and land in soup. Its gotta be a gift I have."

What can we expect from The Forgotten on ABC?
"Expect the Bruckheimer magic. His team is behind the worlds biggest hits. I also have a fondness for ABC. Great place to work. For 'Alias' Jj Abrams had me rescue Jennifer Garner from a burning car there and then later try to kill her. Very romantic as you can imagine. A bit like the Tiger Woods story only in reverse. Unlike many people I'm not blaming Tiger Woods for his current woes. I'm blaming Golf. Its a dangerously sexy sport. I mean how much plaid can those women be expected to resist. Come on, its unfair.", O'Meara jokes.

Are you looking forward to 2010 ?
"You bet. Its gonna be busy that's for sure."

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