PandaWill unveils Infant Bed-wetting Alarm - Mom’s best helper

Unveils: Infant Bed-wetting Alarma & Baby Cry Detector Alarm

Online PR News – 17-December-2009 – – PandaWill, a professional online electronics store based in China, has unveiled a group of Baby Detector & Monitor products for Moms around the world. These products include a Baby Urine Sensor Alarm, a Baby Cry Detector Alarm and other items such as a portable AV Baby Monitor and digital Baby Body Heating Thermometer. PandaWill currently offers free shipping and one year warranty on these products.

How do these Infant Sensor Alarm work?
A Infant Sensor Alarm looks like a lovely ordinary plush toy. The Infant Bed-wetting Alarm consists of a humidity sensor, a delay amplifier, a voice alarm circuit and the power supply circuit. When infants and young children wet the bed, the bed-wetting alarm processes a series of tasks. For example: the humidity sensor changes from high-impedance state to low resistance state due to the infant urine, and the speech signal will enable the music speaker to remind mom that it's time to change diapers.
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When the baby wets itself, regardless of sleeping in a cradle, bed, or when holding the baby, the infant- wetting alarm will play music and remind mom to replace diapers. It helps keep infants protected from wet skin, bronchial inflammation, crotch eczema, crying, etc. The reminding music is euphony and can promote the baby's intellectual development.
It is an essential product for babies all over the world, and also the best baby care helper for moms. Other infant sensor alarm products and monitors, such as the baby cry detector alarm, portable AV monitoring, and digital baby body heat thermometer are also available at:

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