Wisdom IT Services is introducing an innovative product of WisdomJobs.com -4th generation job portal

Wisdom Jobs is a unique 4th generation job portal contributing to the concept of more knowledge, more jobs.

Online PR News – 17-June-2011 – – Welcome to the release of first annual news letter from Wisdom IT Services, a Product Development and global recruitment company located in Hyderabad. The aim of this newsletter is to provide key information on the ongoing activities and achievements from the past one year in our organization. We have seen a wealth of positive developments in the last year and this news letter features the introduction of our innovative product WISDOM JOBS.COM, emerging as a revolutionary 4th generation job portal making all the existing old generation portals of not even near competent to it.

WISDOM JOBS.COM portal is a unique and specialized portal for job search and knowledge acquirement (a new feature).It is the combination of job seeker activities (Planning, Preparation, Practice and Presentation) and employer recruiting activities (searching, short listing, interviewing and presenting to employer). Addressing the entire draw backs of the 3rd generation portals and completely changing the way they think about recruitment and knowing the actual needs of present generation employers and aspirations of jobseekers, Wisdom Jobs evolved as the only 4th generation portal which came in to the market with innovative thoughts and user friendly products in recruiting. We pioneered the concept of empowering the resource with knowledge, increase his skill abilities and testing his caliber before he is show cased to the employer which no other portal dare to do. We introduced unique exemplary products like E-university and Pragnya meter which are of at most useful to job aspirants. The main difference what makes us stand out from a number of other available 3rd generation portals can be observed in one simple process we adopt - If suppose there are 50,000 resources available for one particular job posted by an employer, other portals like Naukri, Monster filter 50 of them with just using some filter keywords and send the profiles to the employer which is a one click process for them. But it is where we concentrate more and follow the best practices in filtering the resources in the form of screening them, conducting online tests to extract their capability level using our pragnya meter concept, getting them interviewed by SME’s, empowering them on the skill set they lack by our E-university concept and then forward them to the employer.

Highlights of E- University:

• Knowledge acquisition based learning process
• A large data bank with data on any skill set
• Provides infinite number of certifications
• Store house of all course materials ready with one click
• Easy to find required preparation packages
• Provides test practice materials
• Guides in 4 ways thus leading to a 4 P concept of planning, practicing, preparation, presentation
• More than 6000 skill sets
• 50 Million Multiple option questions
• 30 Million Interview questions

Highlights of Pragnya Meter:

• A Unique knowledge assessment meter
• More than 5000 skill set certifications enhancing knowledge and practicing
• Knowledge rating meter
• Shows score and rank in span of seconds
• Time saving in gaining information and practicing
• Gives all the required material for preparation
• One stop for talent filter
• Guides in the process of self analysis

Our specific target areas are employees, job seekers and employers. Wisdom provides hand full of ready talents to employers by performing a cut off cream layer from the market and grading the resources thus making them save both their valuable time and money. All the portals in the market till now, considered as 3rd generation portals do not provide thirty percent of what WISDOM provides.

We have the pleasure of informing that the products launched are found to be extremely useful to job seekers and employers and this can be witnessed by the response we received to the portal in the form of registrations. We have many other products planned for immediate future. We look forward to updating you on further developments in the next newsletter.

Do hope you find our newsletter informative and useful. Please convey your suggestion/ feedback to us. We would love to hear from you.

For more information, visit http://wisdomjobs.com

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