9 Year Mortgage Relocates Corporate Headquarters to Orem, Utah

Since 1996 Nine Year Mortgage (9 Year Mortgage) has been helping clients take control of their finances through structured debt acceleration programs. Thousands of clients have participated in the program since its inception.

Online PR News – 14-June-2011 – – In May 2011 9 Year Mortgage relocated its corporate headquarters to 327 North State Street in Orem, Utah. The company was previously located in nearby Provo. Orem, Utah is located in Utah County, approximately 30 miles south of Salt Lake City.

Utah County has a population of 545,000 as of 2009, and has experienced a 48% increase in population in the last 10 years, according to the US Census Bureau. Two major universities and several technical schools educate nearly 60,000 students who provide a strong recruiting base for 9 Year Mortgage.

The new office space will accommodate the expected growth curve and allow 9 Year Mortgage to more than double the number of current employees. The office space in Orem also features an attached warehouse and loading dock to help facilitate the expanding shipping needs of 9 Year Mortgage.

9 Year Mortgage is currently hiring for a variety of positions, and offers competitive compensation and benefits packages. For more information please visit the corporate web site.

About 9 Year Mortgage

9 Year Mortgage was founded in 1996 with the mission of helping clients reach their financial goals and prepare for retirement. The company adopted the slogan, “Accelerate Your Path to Financial Security” to reflect the effort to help every client eliminate their debt and establish a retirement account as quickly as possible. Since then, 9 Year Mortgage has helped thousands of clients get their finances under control and work towards financial security.

For perspective clients who are interested in getting help to eliminate their debt, 9 Year Mortgage offers a free Audio CD with more information on the program. The 9 Year Mortgage Financial Plan contains advanced strategies to help clients eliminate their debt in the fastest mathematical way possible. Using the 9 Year Mortgage program, the average client is able to eliminate all of their debt, including their mortgage, in about 9 years.

One particularly attractive feature of 9 Year Mortgage is that there is no negative effect on a clients credit by participating in the program. While other options like debt settlement will severely damage the credit score of participants, the 9 Year Mortgage program is designed to pay every creditor on time and in full. Clients may even see an increase in their credit score as debt is systematically eliminated using the 9 Year Mortgage program.

Representatives from 9 Year Mortgage are currently offering a complimentary Financial Analysis. During this analysis perspective clients will learn how much time and money they will save by participating in the program, and what advanced strategies they will use to achieve these results. There is no obligation to buy with the analysis, but for those who choose to participate in the program the enrollment fee is calculated based on the interest savings of the plan, and the cost to implement the plan. For more information contact a 9 Year Mortgage representative at 800-660-9680.