The Cold, Hard Evidence on Islam's Fundamentalism Exposed by a Fundamentalist at SurvivorsAreUs.Com

You thought you knew all there was to know about Islamic fundamentalism and Muslims. Did you know 95% of Muslims incorrectly understand their own religion?

Online PR News – 17-December-2009 – – Upset with the Fort Hood shootings? Worried about Muslim terrorists? Want to know how you can help? Help educate the Muslims in your community that terrorism is not a part of the fundamentals of Islam. A brand new site has hit the world wide web. Their mission? It is to spread knowledge from authentic Islamic scholars: knowledge of Islamic monotheism, the Muslim creed, and Islamic jurisprudence: to educate Muslims and non Muslims of the fundamentals of Islam and its branches that concern every day life. They offer practical aid to those whom seek after the truth so that they may be able to withstand waves of atheism, polytheism, alienation and the deviation in Islam that rages through everyday in all lives according to Ahl al-Sunnah wal Jam’ah method.

SurvivorsAreUs.Com works hard to teach that Islam does not allow deeds of terrorism, nor do sincere Muslims perform them, and the true followers of Islam – which are balanced and moderate – they free themselves from those actions and from those who performed them. Concerning what happened to the World Trade Center, Fort Hood and etc is that the terrorist attacks that took place and what occurred of general (mass) killing; is not permissible and Islam does not allow it in any form whatsoever. Islam frees itself from this action.

SurvivorsAreUs.Com say they know the answer to abolish Muslim terrorists. According to them it is with the proper understanding of Islam’s fundamentals that Muslims learn the sanctity of human life and the purpose of creation. It is these properly understood fundamentals that are the key to Muslims being a success in society and within Islam. Help the Muslims in your community learn of this valuable new site to help cut down on incorrect, illegal thoughts and actions. Share this with your friends and co workers. We can all work to get rid ourselves of ignorant Muslims whom act out due to misunderstanding their own religion.