TalentRooster Celebrates First Year in Business

42 locations and almost 10,000 digital video resumes posted

Online PR News – 13-June-2011 – – Profitable in its first year of operations, TalentRooster has become the nationwide leader in what is fast overtaking the entire recruiting industry: integrated video resumes.

“A year ago we had one location,” said co-founder Joel Lilly. “Now we’re up to 42 locations nationwide. I think we’ve added 15 locations in the last month alone.”

The vision of Lilly and David DeCapua, co-owners of Columbus, Ohio-based TalentRooster, has capitalized on the most logical business model since the advent of job boards.

“This technology is here today,” DeCapua said. “It’s not coming. It’s here. Before TalentRooster, you had to figure it out yourself, go make a video, post it on YouTube or some other site, and it wasn’t consistent or professional. It was hard to do. We’ve built an application you install on your computer and do it any where you want.”

Now we’re up to 42 locations nationwide. I think we’ve added 15 locations in the last month alone.

Whether you are seeking entry level candidates or highly skilled professionals, TalentRooster gives a packaged presentation that provides a vastly more complete and revealing profile, providing both employers and employees a better match in much less time.

“I’ve been in staffing for 15 years,” said Andy Moss, Vice President for M Force Staffing. “I’ve seen it evolve, and when I started researching video resumes and social media, that’s when I met TalentRooster. The way they do it is incredible. The way they package it, with the ease of use on both sides of the hiring equation, we just fell in love with it. We knew resumes were going to come to this, and we went with it.”

Human resources officer Becky Garrett, a TalentRooster customer, said the added value of TalentRooster’s multimedia package is overwhelming.

“An hour ago I talked to a client and he said, ‘I want to set up an interview with your candidate. I’ll be honest, on paper I would never have brought her in the door, but we got to meet her on video and she had a great personality and she really sold herself well as a candidate’,” Garrett said. “They’re interviewing her tomorrow morning.”

Employers not only are able to see I-9 information, background checks, drug tests and references, but also customized skills tests or standardized profiles such as Myers Briggs or Caliper.

“If you want them to take some test specific to your industry, it can be done before you ever invest a moment of time with the candidate,” DeCapua said.

“Any time we send out a video, we get a great response,” Garrett said. “We’ve never had anyone say they don’t want the videos. It’s a new technology and people are excited and curious. It’s multi-dimensional. It’s interactive, it has sound, and it’s very different from what we see in the market with flat resumes.”

DeCapua said TalentRooster’s growth during one of the hardest economic years in decades proves the concept.

“We started in June 2010, and for most of that time we’ve had 9 percent, 10 percent unemployment and a down investment economy,” DeCapua said. “Add to that a natural reluctance to try something new, and you’d think this would be a hard time for us. But it’s not. When people see this, it’s like a bolt of lightning. Paper resumes died five years ago. It’s just that no one knew what would replace them. Now they do know, and they’re getting better candidates at less cost. We had one executive placement consultant tell us she’s done more placements in six months with TalentRooster than she had in the previous 11 years in the business.”

TalentRooster.com is a video resume web site, providing integrated resume, reference and background information with a personalized, three-minute video presentation recorded in one-minute segments in response to employer-specific questions.
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