Fan History Makes Fanzine History

In April 2009, Fan History added over 1,600 new articles about fanzines to the wiki. This new information makes Fan History one of the most comprehensive sources for information about fanzines online.

Online PR News – 20-May-2009 – – Sleepy Hollow, Illinois – If you’re into fanzines or want to get a feel for what fandom was in the days before the Internet, then you’ll really want to check out Fan History’s zine category located at . In April 2009, the wiki added over 1,600 articles about fanzines that compliments the over 400 articles it already had.

This makes Fan History one of the largest sources of information about fanzines on the Internet. Fan History is very excited about these articles because we love fanzines. A lot of the early information on the wiki was about fanzines. Why does Fan History love fanzines? Because fanzines give us a peek into fandom’s past, before the Internet was around. They were part of a subculture, an underground culture which helped people connect to part of a larger community that might otherwise not be as accessible. Fanzines provide a record of our history that we can touch. And they are a tradition that continues even now…

When Fan History created these articles, some basic information was added to give contributors a place to start editing. This information included title, fandom, the year the fanzine was published, who the publisher was and the source for this information. As a result, some articles are more comprehensive than others are.

This is not a problem because the information is archived in wiki format. Anyone with knowledge of fanzines can contribute to improving these articles. People can answer questions like: What awards did these zines win? What was their impact on the fan community? Was the zine the first one that appeared in that fan community? Where was it published? What was the size and what was the content? What happened to the fans who produced the zine?

In the three weeks since these articles have been created, over 300 edits have been made to these articles. The fan community is embracing this resource for information about its history. They are eager to share information in a way that is accessible to all. With over 2,000 articles about fanzines, the resource will only continue to grow. To help contribute, visit .

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