FBXTab A Facebook Marketing App Launched To Extreme Critical Reception!

FB X-Tab, a unique Facebook Applications that allow you to create your page with Like and Share geting in less than 1:30 mins! Click here to watch the live video showing you how to create an instant, professional facebook page to promote your websites and business.

Online PR News – 13-June-2011 – – FB X-Tab has already gained well over 2,000 members and not slowing down in the slightest! Within just a few short hours of its initial launch. Such is the inherent integrity and power of FB X-Tab that people have already considered its purchase a foregone decision and raving FB X-Tab reviews are springing everywhere on the Internet about it!

FB X-Tab has given rise to a new crop of social media marketers known as News Feed Optimizers (NFOs). Similar to how their forebears, the Search Engine Optimizers (SEOs), shaped and defined Internet Marketing during the past decade, this decade will see the NFOs play a dominant role in determining social media marketing’s future.

So what is it that is so compelling about FB X-Tab that Internet marketers of all shapes and sizes want to jump in and grab this system right away and be a NFO?

I spoke directly with Phil Benham, the developer behind FB X-Tab, to get a better understanding of the system and why it is such a hit among social media marketers.

“The most important feature of FB X-Tab is that there is a true collection of Facebook Marketing tools. We do not feature ONLY Facebook apps or a WordPress plugin for serving Facebook Pages or WP Themes or HTML templates…we provide ALL of these things! And not just a set amount…each month we will be giving members new tools to put in their arsenal of Facebook Marketing toolbox! New wordpress themes, new Facebook Apps, updates and new shortcodes to the wordpress plugin, and finally new HTML templates! One super important feature of the WordPress Plugin is that it allows users to host an unlimited number of Facebook Pages from ONE wordpress installation WITHOUT affecting the user’s CURRENT THEME! In our case, we use OptimizePress and host a number of Facebook Pages without using our theme…”

So, an all-in-one solutions provider? Coupled with a very intuitive, point and click interface that even my 5 year old son can use, a fully functional Facebook Fan Page can be set up in less than 2 minutes, I can see why so many people are buying this system in droves!

So Phil, what is the Unique feature of FB X-Tab that no other product out there has?

“FB X-Tab is best distinguished by the ability for users to add our applications to an unlimited number of pages with an unlimited number of fans. Most other application providers limit by number of Facebook pages or # of fans.”

Well, what more can I say. It is the perfect, complete package for anyone to set up their Facebook Fan Page and then make the Page go viral. It’s a lethal 1-2 combo that has boosted sales over the top. I predict many more sales to follow, that’s just how good FB X-Tab is.

I already made sure to be a member of FB X-Tab to seize this opportunity while the going’s still hot. I hope to see you there as well! Find Out More at http://jeykumara.com/fbxtab/fbxtab-review/ & Bonus Offer at http://jeykumara.com/fbxtab/fbxtab-bonus/

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