Consider Child Health Insurance for Babies

New article discusses child health insurance and the top 4 illnesses to prevent.

Online PR News – 17-December-2009 – – With all of the viruses and illnesses flying over people’s heads these days, it can be an anxious time for new parents who want to keep their newborn safe and healthy. To do so, however, requires knowledge, preparation and—if anything—a quality child health insurance plan.

A recent article from, “Common Infant Illness: Do You Need Child Health Insurance?” encourages parents to invest in a child health insurance plan. Doing so will relieve the financial burden of rising medical costs and frequent doctor visits, as well as promote a healthy baby.

“Since babies immune systems aren’t as developed as adults’, they can get sick faster. To prevent illnesses and to treat them if illnesses do present, it’s important to invest in child health insurance,” the article states. “Child health insurance will promote a strong immune system for your baby and help protect (or treat) them for even the most common infant illnesses.”

A few of the most common infant illnesses that child health insurance can help prevent and/or treat, include:

• Jaundice – a build up of bilirubin in the baby’s blood and skin. Jaundice affects more than 50 percent of babies.
• Eczema – Typically an itchy, facial rash as a result of an allergic reaction.
• Rotavirus – a viral infection that is very common among children, particularly those under three years of age. Rotavirus attacks the lining of the small intestine.
• Thrush – an infection caused by a yeast fungus that c an cause white/yellowish raised spots in the baby’s mouth. Thrush can lead to sore throat and infant mouth pain.

The listed illnesses can be quite uncomfortable, even painful for babies. The coverage gained from a child health insurance policy can promote a healthier infant immune system (thus, preventing these sicknesses), or help find treatment if the baby becomes infected.

A parent can never be too careful when it comes to the health of their newborn. And a responsible parent should be willing to compare child Health Insurance Quotes and find a quality—yet affordable—policy for their child. To find out more about child health insurance, visit

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