‘Pictures of Peace’from the Middle Eastat Corp Executive Hotel Apartments – Al Barsha

A unique photo exhibition by photojournalist HermoineMacuraopened yesterday at Corp Executive Hotel Apartments in Al Barsha. The exhibition will run until June 28, 2011 and will display photographs from Hermoine’s newly launched book Faces of the Middle East.

Online PR News – 15-June-2011 – – A unique photo exhibition by photojournalist HermoineMacuraopened yesterday at Corp Executive Hotel Apartments in Al Barsha. The exhibition will run until June 28, 2011 and will display photographs from Hermoine’s newly launched book Faces of the Middle East.

Through her pictures Hermoine aspires to help bridge the region’s cultural differences and promote understanding. She stresses, “Faces of the Middle East” is a book that goes beyond the national and political boundaries to bring together the people of the region through photographs. I have been told it is too utopian. However, my greatest desire is to see peace in the region. I hope this project helps to create dialogue and open people’s minds to understanding each other better.”

Hermoine, who hails from Australia and is a news anchor on Dubai One TV’s flagship show, Emirates News, sees the Middle East differently. “The Middle East is far more than a monolithic culture. There’s a lot more to the region than what we normally see or hear. In fact, it is a richly diverse area that has played a big role in shaping the world and continues to do so. My photographs are neither a definitive story nor a political statement. Rather these are regular people and faces you would find on the streets in cities across the region, that tell a different story. My subjects are ordinary people who have ordinary dreams and aspirations. And I think it’s important to focus on the common human thread of humanity to understand the region despite the massive political, economic and cultural awakening.”

And what is it that drew Hermoine to photography? She said “I’ve been capturing images from a very young age and in essence would say that photography has always been a part of my life. In my twenties I decided to study the art of photography at university. I began to take it more seriously when I realized that there is so much power in images. I began to develop a collection over the years and in particular, one which focused on the Middle East.”

As Hermoine flips through the pages of her book, she relives every moment. “There were times when I was moved to tears as I listened to real life situations and experiences people had endured during the political unrest and conflicts that had taken place in some countries such as Iraq. At other times I was amazed, especially by women who have inspired me the most, with their courage, faith and endurance, despite the circumstances.”

Aamir Pervez, General Manager, Corp Executive Hotel Apartments – Al Barsha, says, “Pictures are the most persuasive language. Great photojournalism changed the world in the past and it can do it again. We want people to see Hermoine’s images and embrace her message of understanding and peace.”

On display at Corp Executive Hotel Apartments are over 30 photographs in addition to some unique accessories. Part of the collection is also a series of artistic impressions which are a special collector’s edition. The ‘Faces of the Middle East’ Apartment Art, collection includes acrylic works and images that would fit into any home. Says Hermoine, “The Apartment Art collection offers pieces that unfold volumes before your eyes – simple and beautiful. Something you can live with comfortably because it’s so unpretentious.”

Faces of the Middle East has been published by UAE based COVA group and is available at most good bookstores across the country. A series of exhibitions are being organized regionally and internationally to coincide with the book’s regional and international release.

For more information about the book visit: www.facesofthemiddleeast.com
For more information about Corp Executive Hotel please visit www.corp-albarsha.com

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About HermoineMacura
Hermoine Macura is the first Australian female English speaking TV News Anchor in the Middle East, and also one of the area’s most recognized faces.Currently one of the main Anchors on Dubai One TV’s Emirates News, her portfolio includes the delivery of live-to-air news bulletins, frequently whilst being in the midst of breaking stories both locally and across the Middle East.
Hermoine has also hosted a variety of other shows including the 3 hour live launch of the Burj Khalifa and Maak Ya Lebanon: which featured exclusive interviews with several key players in aid programs in Lebanon. The program was a part of a series that raised 55 Million Dirhams to help people caught in the conflict.
Complementing her role as an anchor, Hermoine has also interviewed a variety of decision makers, and people in the know. From the Duchess of York to Hollywood Actor Michael Douglas, Hermoine has interviewed the most prominent personalities and government officials in the country.

Born in Sydney, Australia, Hermoine began her career in Journalism over ten years ago as a graduate of the University of Wollongong where she was also trained in photography. Originally a Print Journalist, her works have been published in a wide variety of publications internationally.
About Faces of the Middle East
FACES OF THE MIDDLE EAST is a personal and intimate journey told through a collection of images by Hermoine Macura.
Arriving in the Middle East soon after September 11th, when clips of the Taliban and Al Qaeda atrocities were flooding the news on a daily basis, Hermoine began a journey which allowed her to explore unique locations, cities and places unknown to many.
Out of the swirl of smells, tastes and cultural intricacies of the region and its people, Hermoine’s work offers a fresh insight and another view to a region so often misunderstood and misrepresented in today’s globalizing culture.
“It would be impossible to count the number of people who offered me shelter, friendship and food on a whim. The kindness of strangers made me believe that there was still hope for bridging the gaps in the Arab-Israeli conflict and also the East-West equation.”

Hermoine's journey across the region was marked by various situations where she was given the opportunity to experience the kindness of strangers.From the mountains of Iraq to the inner quarters of Jerusalem, these images are a small window into some of the situations she encountered, the special places she visited and the people who touched her life
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