Tents and camping equipment – Is the Artemis set to steal the Icarus throne for 2010?

2009 saw the epic rise of the weekender tent sales in the camping equipment marketplace, fuelled by the innovative Vango Icarus 500 tent which outsold every other style of tent massively until supply into the UK ran low. The camping marketplace seems to have developed a new segment in the form of the weekender tents. Manufacturers such as Vango tents, Coleman tents and Outwell tents have taken full advantage of this fact releasing brand new ranges of weekender tents.

Online PR News – 17-December-2009 – – The downfall of the economy has seen an influx of customers into the camping marketplace due to the strength of the Euro against the Pound, meaning people can’t indulge in their usual holiday by the beach. This has led to the camping marketplace flying, especially in the weekender section where the price points of the tents are ideal for first time campers.
The Vango Icarus 500 success in 2009 can be mainly put down to the boffins at Vango’s R&D department spotting the gap in the market for a weekender style tent for first timers in the camping market place needing a relatively cheap and effective tent that doesn’t lack in quality and performs. Thus came the Vango Icarus 400 and 500, outselling everything in its path, the Icarus sold out across the UK around April or May before the full season really got into swing. Predictably for 2010, supply into the UK will be far greater, if not too great meaning there is plenty of choice for the customer as many styles of weekend tent aim to replicate the success but in a different brand model or slightly different styling.
Here at Outdoorworlddirect.co.uk, we feel the new Vango Artemis 500 may be the new kid on the block, similar in terms of structure size and style the Artemis is a slightly more expensive tent due to the fact it uses powerplus steel poles instead of the fibreglass poles used by the Icarus. The Artemis just offers that little bit more space in the central living area and this may be enough to persuade the camper to choose it instead of the Icarus.
Similar Features the tents share are:-
- Both have their own range of exclusive canopies to extend the size of the tent
- Sewn in groundsheet system to keep the bugs and weather elements at bay.
- Friendly set up system with just three poles
- Great for first time campers.
- Spacious tunnel structure
Vango Icarus Pro’s
- Lighter and smaller pack size than the rival Artemis tent
- TBS II – A tension band system which gives the tent underlying strength and added stability, this is featured on all of the Vango Icarus tents from the 300 to the 600.
- More tents within the range with the new Vango Icarus 300 and Vango Icarus 600.
- The range is 1 year older than the Vango Artemis meaning it is tried and tested by the end user. See all the feedback across various forums and review centres online.
- Will be cheaper with RRP’s being far less than the Artemis RRP
Vango Artemis Pro’s
- Steel pole system makes the tent far more stable than the fibreglass poles whilst allowing the construction to differ slightly in the middle.
- Wider middle pole adds to the living space and makes the tent feel more open and family orientated.
So which will be better remains to be seen as each has its advantages, both are similar in terms of technical capabilities with the same Protex flysheet and hydrostatic head. Additionally both tents feature the sewn in groundsheet that has become so popular in vango tents due to high customer demand. Here at OutdoorWorldDirect, we feel it is all relative to customer budgets, if the consumer has more money to spend then they inevitably will choose the Artemis, but for money there is not much between them.

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