New Array of Custom Frisbees Introduced By Discount Favors To Highlight Your Brand In The Public

When it comes to brand promotion in the public through promotional items, there is no match for the Frisbees. With Frisbees being widely used for promotion, you need to get something really unique to get highlighted in the crowd, according to the professionals of

Online PR News – 20-May-2009 – – Pensacola, FL ( Onlineprnews ) May 19, 2009 - “Frisbees were discovered back in the year 1920 and where just used for fun. Today, these Frisbees follow the same aerodynamic principle apart from the fact that they are used as great marketing tools. Well, does it seem odd? Frisbees as promotional tools? Frisbees are the definitely used for fun. The fact is that they are mostly used in the places such as beaches where people gather in larger numbers. Hence there is no other promotional item available today that can match the marketing reach of these custom Frisbees printed with the company logo. The promotional Frisbees ( aren’t the same old flying discs. With the advancements in technology, Frisbees are made in many different aerodynamic shapes today. We have added such cool, unique Frisbees to our inventory which will help you to highlight your brand in the crowd”, says Mr. Carl of

Speaking about the new collection of Frisbees available at Discount Favors, Mr. Carl said, “There is no scarcity for promotional Frisbees in the market. However, when it comes to unique promotional Frisbees, they are not readily available. Like any other type of marketing tool, the promotional Frisbees should also be able to highlight your brand from the others. This is where the need of unique Frisbees comes in to play. As the Frisbees have to stick around the aerodynamic designs, the shape options are very much limited. This doesn’t mean that customization is not possible with the Frisbees. Starting from different colors, Frisbees can be customized to a great extend. Let us take the soccer Flexible Flyers available with us for example. These custom Frisbees look like a soccer ball though they are actually in the same aerodynamic shape of the conventional Frisbees. The design printed on the custom Frisbee makes it look like a ball. These custom Frisbees provide a great surface area to print your company logo and the promotional messages. Once the customization is done right, these Frisbees will promote your brand very effective in the greatest crowds in parks and beaches.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Carl said, “To facilitate the clients worldwide, we have launched a separate online section for buying custom Frisbees ( With the launch of the custom Frisbee section, anyone can create and buy custom Frisbees with just a few mouse clicks.”

“If you are aiming for social promotion of your brand, look no further, the custom cheap Frisbees are made for your marketing needs” says Mr. Carl.

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Discount Favors is very popular around the Planet for unique promotional products. They have a huge collection of more than 2000 unique custom promotional items in their store. The custom Frisbees available with Discount Favors are very unique and cheap. They have a dedicated section called MyFlyingDiscs which has a plethora of custom Frisbees available for sale. For more information, visit

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