Pivotal Health Solutions, Inc. Appointed Master Distributor of CRYODERM/THERMODERM Topical Pain Relieving Products

Pivotal Health Solutions is pleased to announce we have been selected as a master distributor for CRYODERM® / THERMODERM®, the highest quality, most effective topical Pain Relievers in the medical market today. The addition of CRYODERM® / THERMODERM® to Pivotal Health Solutions' current product line accelerates their initiative to be the most innovative and diversified health and wellness product provider in the world. This alliance strategically brings together some of the industry's strongest brands and most advanced products in the health and wellness market.

Online PR News – 16-December-2009 – – Pivotal Health will carry the complete CRYODERM® / THERMODERM® product line including: CRYODERM® 4oz, 16oz and 32 oz Spray, CRYODERM® 4oz Gel, CRYODERM® 3oz Roll-On, CRYODERM® 16oz Pump, and CRYODERM® Individual Gel Pack’s, THERMODERM® Pain Relieving Warming Lotion ®, THERMODERM® 4oz Warming Lotion, 3oz Warming Roll-On, 16oz THERMODERM® Lotion pump and THERMODERM® individual Lotion packs.

Lloyd List, CEO, of CRYODERM® states: “We are pleased to announce that Pivotal Health Solutions has been selected to be a Master Distributor for the CRYODERM® / THERMODERM® product lines. With their extensive lines of equipment and supplements, we believe that CRYODERM’S® Pain Management products are a perfect fit to help serve the healthcare provider community.”

Since CRYODERM’S® inception in 2000 their goal has been to bring the highest quality, most effective topical Pain Relievers to the medical market. Today, their goal remains unchanged as they recognize that millions of people depend on their products to live productive, normal, pain free lives. That satisfaction drives their team to continually update their formulations and ensure that only the purest ingredients are used in their products.

CRYODERM® is committed to research and development. Using a powerful microscope called the MyoVision SEMG Model M8000 microscope, it allows researchers look deep within cells into the blueprint of life itself – DNA. Working at the cellular level allows researchers to formulate CRYODERM® products to standards that insure maximum pain relief is obtained. CRYODERM® also engaged Precision Biometrics to evaluate the effectiveness of CRYODERM® Cryotherapy Spray®, on hypertonic muscles, using the MyoVision Model M8000. CRYODERM® is committed to produce the most effective Topical Pain Relievers and provide the best customer service possible.

About Pivotal Health Solutions, Inc.
Headquartered in Watertown, South Dakota, Pivotal Health Solutions is a privately held company focused on the development and distribution of health and wellness products that help people renew their bodies.

Pivotal Health has one of the most comprehensive product lines in the market today which already includes the brand names of Eurotech Tables, ErgoStyle Tables, i-Trac Therapy, Custom Craftworks, Touch Essentials, Valley Technologies, VTI Products, SaniCover, Cloud 9 Medical Gel, Omni Cervical Pillows, Relax Right Pillows, and Lyflo Select. These brands encompass a wide range of products that support the health and wellness markets.