Reveals the Luckiest Lottery Numbers of 2009
12/16/2009 is scrupulous about keeping track of Lotto results, and is now ready to reveal the luckiest (and unluckiest) lottery numbers of 2009.

Online PR News – 16-December-2009 – – is one of the most popular independent lottery web sites in the UK, and an important part of its work involves keeping track of the Lotto results. With two Lotto draws every week, the site has to keep tabs on 104 sets of results, and whilst that might sound like a somewhat tedious undertaking, it does make it possible for the site to identify the numbers that are drawn most often. So, as we approach the end of the year, what were the luckiest (and unluckiest) Lotto numbers of 2009?

The luckiest number of all in 2009 was 39, which has played a starring role in the lottery results 22 times since the start of the year. Number 32 has achieved the accolade of being the second luckiest number (it has been drawn 21 times). The other numbers in the top six as far as lucky lottery numbers are concerned are 09 (drawn 18 times), 31 (18 times), 23 (17 times) and 36 (16 times).

Of course, the definition of ‘lucky numbers’ as used here refers to how often each of the numbers in the range 1 to 49 have been drawn, and does not suggest that playing all of those numbers every week would have been any more profitable than entering a random set of numbers. The thing that attracts people to the lottery in the first place is the fact that any set of numbers has exactly the same chance of winning a jackpot as any other – that chance being 1 in 13,983,816.

As far as unlucky numbers are concerned, the least Lucky Numbers in 2009 were 07 and 15, both of which have been drawn only 4 times each. Numbers 14, 22 and 29 all come next, having been drawn 7 times each. The sixth unluckiest number of the year was 12, which has been drawn 8 times since the beginning of the year.

All of this data applies to Lotto results for the year 2009 only. When the Lottery Results are evaluated from the very beginning of the game in November 1994, the numbers deemed to be the luckiest and unluckiest are a little different.

Overall, the luckiest numbers over the past 15 years have been 38 (drawn 209 times), 23 (199 times), 31 (198 times), 11 (198 times), 43 (197 times) and 25 (196 times). The unluckiest numbers over the same period were 20 (drawn 144 times), 41 (150 times), 13 (155 times), 16 (155 times), 21 (159 times) and 15 (161 times).

Sam Weren, who presented this information on behalf of, said: “The idea of lucky numbers is one that has been around for thousands of years, and although all legal lottery games give every number the exact same chance of being drawn, statistical fluctuations can throw up some interesting results that some people interpret in superstitious ways. For example, the number 13 is often thought of as being rather unlucky, so when we see that it is one of the least drawn numbers since the start of the Lotto draw, it catches our eye. The good news for Lotto players is that any number that helps to win a prize is very lucky for the player concerned, so our advice is to go with your instincts and hope for the best!”

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