At your Content is Worth Something, Pixels! The Next REAL Social Currency.

Pixeldom Inc., a Chicago startup, is a community based website that rewards users for contributing content. Earn Pixels, a social currency that can be used to buy real items from their store.

Online PR News – 12-June-2011 – – At Pixeldom, they believe your content really does have value, and they want to reward you for putting it on their site. You can sign-up to become a Pixelite and start earning Pixels right away. Pixels can be traded in at the store for items like XBox Live point cards, AMC Gold tickets, iTunes Gift cards and more. Share Something…Get Something.

Many social networks populate their sites almost solely with content their users produce. It's only a matter of time before users start demanding something in return. Instead of users giving up marketing data just to have a platform to express oneself while someone else profits from it, Pixeldom wants to turn that attitude on its head and reward users for producing quality content.  When Pixeldom prospers, you prosper.
Pixeldom is currently in beta. Right now you can go register for an account and you will earn 1,000px just for signing up.  Write an opinion, add a movie or a game to Pixeldom's database, get a friend to sign-up, write a comment or reply, or get your content "Pixeled" by having other users click the "Pixel It" button, and you'll earn Pixels every time. For your first Pixelated action, you'll earn the Pixelite badge, and with that badge an extra 1,000px. For helping spread the word, for a limited time, you’ll be rewarded 1,000px for every friend you get to join the site through the invite system. And to thank those early adopters, users who have signed up by June 30th, 2011 Midnight CST, will be entered in a drawing to win a PlayStation®3 with more giveaways to follow.
If you're sick of writing and/or reading you can take a break and check out some shows on the Pixeldom Network. They currently have a few regular video podcasts hosted at with more to come. Watch comedian Andrew Knox on “Trailer Taggers” every week and check out three new trailers plus a schmailer to determine if they're worth your movie dime. Pixels and Popcorn, now in its 39th week and hosted by the three founders of Pixeldom, brings you reviews of a movie, a video game and a snack every Monday. Film fans can check in with Ivan Diaz on the New Chicago Film Renaissance, where he gives a stage to unique, cinematic voices of the Windy City by giving critiques and showing you some techniques of indie and underground films made in or about Chicago. There are some more shows in the making that will roll out over the summer.
Pixeldom Inc.'s CEO, Kent Mages, is pushing the company forward as they are planning to launch Pixeldom 2.0 sometime towards the end of the summer. Pixeldom is working on a cleaner, more social and discussion-friendly site where users will have better ability to grow areas of focus exponentially. They have announced plans to add more interests, more ways to earn Pixels, a mobile platform so you can earn Pixels on the go, and a truly transparent advertising system that allows users to interact with advertisers where they will always be aware of exactly what information they're sharing. Kent makes himself available to hear thoughts on how he can help Pixeldom become a place that you want to be a part of. You can send him e-mail at
Pixeldom has multiple patents pending.
You can visit Pixeldom at or use their short URL Make sure to check out the "How Pixeldom Works" video featured on the home page.
Here is a video to get you started.