Staffordshire Web Designers Awarded Trade Mark

If your a marine biologist you’ll know that rake marks are the distinctive scratches that dolphins make on each other as they play, flirt and fight. But to Staffordshire Web Designers, Rake Mark Solutions it was the perfect name for their family website design business. Earlier this year they applied for their name to be Trade Marked and are pleased to announce this week that it has been approved.

Online PR News – 13-June-2011 – – Staffordshire Web Designers, Rake Mark Solutions have been granted a Trade Mark for their name 'Rake Mark'. They moved to trade mark their name when they found a local charity had adopted the same name.

After a three month consultation period where objections could be raised the mark was awarded without challenge.

The family run web design business, which helps small and medium sized organisations to be successful on the web, was started in 2006 by husband and wife team, Philip and Sarah Brassington.

Unique Name for Web Design Company

Sarah came up with the idea for the name of Rake Mark when she came in contact with dolphins whilst on holiday in May of 2006.

"I noticed scratches on the dolphins skin and thought they were scratching themselves on the rocks, but someone explained they were caused by other dolphins and are called rake marks" she says.

Rake Marks are distinctive tooth mark scratches that dolphins give each other by 'raking' their teeth down each other's bodies when they fight to prove dominance, play or mate.

"The rake marks are unique to each dolphin and I wanted each website we made to be unique and the name just stuck, we couldn't find anyone else using the name, and thought it would be perfect for our fledgling little web business" Sarah says.

Rake Mark are a Staffordshire web design company and offer website design, e-commerce and online marketing across Staffordshire and the whole of the UK.

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