goodereader issues first hands on review of the Kobo Touch

Goodereader the leading e-reader review site, gets hands on with the Kobo Touch.

Online PR News – 12-June-2011 – – goodereader the leading e-reader review and preview website has just issued the first hands on review of the new Kobo Touch e-reader.

The Kobo Touch is the first touchscreen electronic reader that Canadian Kobo has released. It features a six inch pearl e-ink display with a Freescale processor. All of these factors make this new device highly responsive to its prime task of reading ebooks.

Good e-Reader has issued a comprehensive hands on review that outlines that entire unit and what you can expect from it. They have a full picture gallery and even videos that walk you through the entire device.

Good e-reader is THE definitive e-reader blog with the latest news in Tablet PC, Digital Publishing and eBooks! They continue to lead the pack with interviews from some of the industries leading CEO's and executives. Good e-reader gives their readership the latest previews, reviews, and interviews in the realm of e-readers.

Good e-Reader continues to lead the way with Video reviews and their youtube channel has over 150 product reviews, unboxings and interviews from various trade-shows such as CES, Computex, Book Expo, London Book Fair, IFA and more.

Not only does Good e-Reader do video reviews but they continue to trailblaze with the Good e-Reader Radio show which gives you all of the news on the world of e-reading.

If you are interested in the new Kobo Touch e-reader make sure to visit the goodereader website! Also if you are interested in learning how to load ebooks on your gadget they have recently filmed a video tutorial on how to load your own books.

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