eBizBrokers Launches Free Listing Service to Place Websites for Sale Ads

eBizBrokers to fill in a void in which website business owners trying to sell their business do not have access to a free service to gain maximum exposure from buyers.

Online PR News – 17-June-2011 – – SEATTLE, WA - eBizBrokers celebrates its 10th year of operations by launching a new feature that aims to revolutionize the way website brokers go about their business. It extends the company's expertise in giving expert guidance to website business owners and online entrepreneurs by giving them the ability to sell a website for free. As sellers visit the site to populate the directory with websites for sale, other aspiring webmasters can buy a website for themselves by browsing the listings. The opening of this new and free service will allow website owners to get maximum exposure for their website business and keep more money in their pockets.

"At eBizBrokers, for more than a decade now our brokers continue to provide exemplary service to website business owners who wish to sell a website using our highly experienced website business brokers", said Michael Gravel, founder of eBizBrokers. "However, experienced serial entrepreneurs who have many websites for sale currently do not have a complimentary tool to place free ads, therefore we set out to give website owners the ability to gain outstanding exposure from 1000's of quality buyers whom are already visiting our website to browse our client listings.", Gravel further stated.

The new system directly integrates with their website brokerage services so online business owners can still consult an eBizBrokers' website broker to help sell their website. The site leverages on the many qualified buyers that come from high net worth individuals, private equity groups and public institutions. The site continues to push forward one of its main goals which is to help online entrepreneurs have access to a community in which they can pose questions as well as browse websites for sale as well as sell a website for free.

The eBizBrokers site shows a list of websites for sale directly on the homepage with featured listings available as a scrolling header. It categorizes the rest of the ads so new visitors can find the type of website that they wish to purchase. Further down the page reveals some of the newest listings with the price openly listed to allow quick comparisons. It also shows some of the most popular offerings which normally include high-valued social and affiliate websites. An option to display a set of random advertisements is available as well. The site provides a search feature where anyone can type in a query and have it optionally target one category.

Posting a free website for sale advertisement requires registration with a valid email address. Website brokers that have completed the process and verified their email can begin submitting advertisements immediately. Registered members can also add a profile description along with links to their business or personal website along with links to common social networking pages including Twitter and Facebook.

eBizBrokers provides resources to guide people that are not expert website brokers. It highlights both sides by highlighting when it is important to buy a website or sell a website. The Buy Sell Websites Articles section of the website gives other key details and pointers when browsing the available websites for sale.

To further aid newcomers, eBizBrokers provides a line of communication to the professional website brokers that specialize in valuating websites. The process is in-depth involving interviews, business examinations, screening, and other vital steps that lead to the purchase and transition stage. eBizBrokers provides a special form where basic information needs to be entered before an advisor can contact in the next few hours.

eBizBrokers is the first website broker in North America. Launched in 2001, the company puts Internet businesses and websites as the main focus, which led to a huge gathering of website business owners. Average revenues peak at around $2,000,000 a year. The new website directory is currently up and the site is open for registrations.