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A new website offers a comprehensive and easy way to understand basic bank account services info. Learn how to get easy access 24 hours a day through such accounts that also include Internet and phone banking service. Read all you need to know about such accounts and the benefits they offer.

Online PR News – 12-June-2011 – – Basic bank account is the best answer in the present recession, when bad credit is not a rare phenomenon. Users who need to open an account in a high street bank find it a daunting task with a bad credit record. The site tackles this situation in detail on its portal.

The site provides basic bank account info in easy-to-understand words. It explains how such an account provides easy access to the account 24 hours a day. The portal gives info about how users can apply for such an account through a simple process like submitting proof of identity, such as a passport or driving licence. This site even provides a link where you can apply for a basic bank account online. This account has limited features and helps the user manage money on a day-to-day basis. The bank offers a cash card for such account holders so as to enable them withdraw money at ATMs.

Other benefits of holding such an account are also discussed in detail on the site. This website categorizes the related features and explains how these features work for basic bank account holders. You can find info about matters such as the free debit cards offered by a basic bank account. It explains how such a debit card is beneficial. Such a card enables the user to spend money without having to withdraw it or borrow it, unlike in credit card. This avoids overspending and further getting into debt as the card lets the user spend only up to the limit of what is earned and keeps a check on spending.

The site also provides information about related matters of a basic bank account. It explains how a debit card of such an account is far better than a credit card with the help of a comparison table. It also discusses the matter of overdrafts and explains how the policy of an individual bank determines whether or not to honour the overdraft.

It further provides info about a basic bank account with telephone banking and online banking facilities and how the account holders can benefit from them. For example, online banking can enable the user to check balances, transfer funds, withdraw money, and pay bills through direct debit, standing order, or one-off payment. The user can get salary, pension, or benefits paid straight in to the account.

About provides detailed info and latest updates about any offers for such accounts. It also gives information in simple, easy-to-understand words without using any complicated jargon. Users can get answers to all their queries on the site.

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