High Tech Demos at LEEF 2011 to Include Avatars and Voice Controlled Virtual Robotsand

High-tech hands-on demos and exhibits are mainstays of the annual Learning and Entertainment Evolution Forum at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology and LEEF 2011 will be no exception with its array of new training simulations.

Online PR News – 16-June-2011 – – Harrisburg, PA, June 09, 2011 - High-tech hands-on demos and exhibits are mainstays of the annual Learning and Entertainment Evolution Forum at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology and LEEF 2011 will be no exception with its array of new training simulations. Attendees at the June 16-17 event will get to create and play various training simulations and mobile applications during the annual event, which also features keynote speakers, case studies and workshops to explore the use of games, simulations and virtual worlds and how these new approaches for learning.

Hands-on demos and exhibits for 2011 will include:

Real-Time Environments and Avatars for Learning
Concurrent Technologies Corporation
Build and play an immersive training simulation with the Real-time Environments and Avatars for Learning (REAL) system. Focused on analytic and decision making skills, REAL enables learners to use their knowledge, skills and abilities to synthesize information and execute available courses of action to solve complex problems.

Rapid Mobile Application Development

Create a mobile application and then view it right on your iOS or Android mobile phone. Learn how anyone with experience making sites on the World Wide Web using HTML and Javascript can use their existing skills to create mobile applications. See how appMobi's XDK development tool and build services makes any Web developer into an applications developer.

Voice Controlled Virtual Robot

BlueGrid Technologies
See the FreeSWITCH module for voice recognition software in action inside a virtual world. By putting a web service wrapper around FreeSWITCH, BlueGrid has enabled voice commands in a virtual world. Navigate a virtual robot around a virtual world with your voice at this high tech demo.

Using case studies, exhibits, and other hands-on learning opportunities, the annual LEEF event showcases how games, simulations and virtual worlds are used from leadership and program management, to emergency evacuation or electrical safety. Attendees at past LEEF events enjoyed presentations of case studies from IBM, DAU, Applied Research Associates, Forio, the US Naval Academy, Centrax, Novonics and others who are overcoming challenges and implementing effective solutions with games, sims and virtual worlds!

Additionally, LEEF 2011 is expected to feature focused instructional workshops, one-on-one time with innovators and entrepreneurs in the exhibitors’ area, and lots of opportunities for networking with a diverse array of attendees.

The annual event is ideal for training and development professionals, e-learning designers and developers, educators and instructors, and game designers and developers.

Keynote presentations include:

* Fun is Not the Enemy of Work, Nathan Verrill, Co-Founder of Natron Baxter Applied Gaming & Gameful, Thursday, June 16, 2011, 9:00 am;

* Immersive Education and Training, Michael Macedonia, Vice President and Vice President and Chief Scientist at SAIC, Friday, June 17, 2011, 8:30 am;

* How IBM Leads Change with Serious Games, Phaedra Boinidiris, Serious Games Program Manager at IBM, Friday, June 17, 2011, 2:15 pm.

Organized by the 2010 Technology Educator of the Year and Harrisburg University faculty member, Andy Petroski, the University has become the ideal host for the annual forum since it is pursuing innovative approaches to games and learning for performance through its Learning Technologies Master of Science program and its Center for Advanced Entertainment and Learning Technologies.

More information on becoming a presenter or exhibitor at LEEF 2011, or to sign up for updates, please go online www.GoLEEF.com or email LEEF@HarrisburgU.edu

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