Drupal Live Chat Module - Integrate Banckle Live Chat With Drupal

Banckle Live Chat has just announced a FREE online customer support module for Drupal. It is fully customizable, easy to install and requires just a free account at Banckle. Now you can easily track each visitor and monitor your website traffic.

Online PR News – 12-June-2011 – – Banckle Live Chat has now released a FREE live chat and online customer support module for Drupal CMS to let you collaborate with your Drupal website visitors. It is fully customizable, pretty light-weight, easy to install and requires just a free account at Banckle to complete the integration with Drupal websites. With Banckle Live Chat, you can accurately track each visitor and monitor their browsing activities in the real-time. It is one of the best live chat applications for sales and support staff to promptly serve their potential customers, assist them, answer queries and let them enjoy their visit on your website.

Its advanced admin console allows you to perform many important tasks with utmost ease and the inbuilt analytics feature provides you a variety of information to help you monitor your website traffic in a more productive way.

How to install and integrate Banckle Live Chat with Drupal Websites?

Step 1- Login to your Drupal website using an account with the administrator role
Step 2- Install the module from http://drupal.org/project/banckle_live_chat
Step 3- Enable the module at the Modules Administration page
Step 4- Activate the module at the Banckle Live Chat configuration page. It will help you to create and associate a Banckle account with your Drupal website.
Step 5- Login to Banckle Apps https://apps.banckle.com/ and enjoy Banckle Live Chat on your Drupal website.

Newly added articles and documentation pages

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- Install Banckle Live Chat module for Drupal: http://drupal.org/project/banckle_live_chat
- Integrate Banckle Live Chat on Drupal websites: http://banckle.com/wiki/display/livechat/integration-with-drupal.html
- Video Tutorial: How to integrate Banckle Live Chat with Drupal websites: http://banckle.com/apps/live-chat/videos/set-up-banckle-live-chat-on-your-drupal-websites.html
- How to: Work with Banckle Live Chat Admin Console: http://banckle.com/wiki/display/admindoc/working-with-live-chat-administration.html

Overview: Banckle Live Chat

Banckle Live Chat is your FREE online chat & customer support solution. It is fully customizable and includes a variety of built-in templates, themes, widgets and tools for boosting customer service productivity. It achieves the great scalability by allowing multiple websites, multiple departments and multiple operators. You get all the freedom to customize the support structure as you like. Other important live support features like canned messages, file sharing, SSL encryption, proactive invitation, 24 x 7 support, visual and sound notifications are also supported. You can also track visitors and monitor their browsing activities using the analytics & reporting features.