ILoveToronto Advises Expecting Mothers

Popular Canadian website prepared brand new complex guide for future Torontian mothers.

Online PR News – 10-June-2011 – – TORONTO, ONTARIO. Heather Hadden, a Toronto real estate agent, is presenting expecting moms (and couples) with a comprehensive guide to bringing up a baby in Toronto. If you are a first-time mother in the largest city in Canada, chances are you feel lost at times. This guide, written by a first-time mother, is designed to give young moms basic advice and point them to high-quality information sources.

“Our guide covers the entire pregnancy period and more. Your body, situation, and needs change almost constantly and for those reasons, you need different services, treatment, and opinions,” says Heather. The guide “provides inspiration for a good, healthy, and modern motherhood, all at the same time.” You will “learn about places where moms can shop for baby stuff and save money, get ideas for suitable pass-time activities, and even find a doctor to take care of you throughout your pregnancy,” continues Heather.

According to Heather, Toronto hospitals are one of the best in the world at delivering babies and at infant care — no matter what your condition or the condition of your baby. “Once you pick a hospital or a birth centre and sign up, we will tell you what to pack with you for the stay, which treatments are covered by OHIP, and which you will have to pay for.” The guide abounds with information on useful resources, complete with telephone numbers, links to websites, and much more.

Heather concludes that “our guide does not end on the day of birth, but proceeds with useful information on post-delivery care for the child as well as the new mother.” Indeed, the guide goes as far as picking a day-care centre or finding a babysitter. If you want to learn about neighbourhoods and schools already, Heather will direct you to her Toronto Neighbourhood Guide.

Heather Hadden’s website is home to many more useful sources of advice for Torontonians, including both a home buying and a home selling guide and a guide to Toronto real estate.

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