Calgary Real Estate Web Launched

David Tsegai from Realiance Real Estate and his team prepared brand new informational page for Calgary property investors

Online PR News – 10-June-2011 – – TORONTO, ONTARIO. David Tsegai, a Calgary realtor, is an expert on Calgary real estate investments and house flips. These are rather unique areas of real estate, so David expanded his long-term real estate practice by creating a website focused on these special trading practices.

“Investing in a second home is becoming more popular as Calgary citizens generate more and more discretionary income,” explains David. “Once you have paid up your first home, you have accumulated quite a lot of wealth, and you are done with mortgage payments. It is time to decide what to do with your spare money.”

David argues that in the steadily growing Calgary market, an investment into a second house may be the right choice for many. “Rent income and growing property values turn houses into a rather attractive investment vehicle,” continues David. “The tangible nature of houses also makes them great collateral to back your future financing needs if you decide to invest elsewhere.”

To cater to all his real estate clients, even those with investment intentions, David Tsegai launched a new website, where he provides expert content available to everyone. His “tip of the week” section is especially interesting for people currently in the real estate market, including home buyers and sellers. David Tsegai’s website is Calgary Real Estate.

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