LocalBlox empowers importance of Local Small Businesses!

LocalBlox empowers small business owners to reach residents in their neighborhoods with one FREE ad.

Online PR News – 10-June-2011 – – LocalBlox empowers small business owners to reach residents in their neighborhoods with one FREE ad. This is the best way for entrepreneurs and local businesses to advertise in their local communities. Our social networking site allows local businesses and entrepreneurs to network in their local communities and best of all - it is FREE. LocalBlox has already put 22 million business neighbors in 50.000 neighborhoods online. Connect on LocalBlox.com.

Our Mobile ads solutions will allow a local business’s ad to appear on a mobile device when someone is driving by, for example, Seattle neighborhood at 6 pm. A participating restaurant’s ad will appear on a target customer’s mobile device “….restaurant is participating in Dine around Seattle”: The same can be done for almost all other businesses and mobile ads can be switched to appear at a specific time to suit the offer or to pinpoint your target customer.

Another very popular and low cost advertising example on http://localblox.com/AdvertiseWithUs.aspx is the possibility to feature your business with local banner ads on the LocalBlox site. Small, but effective, no more paper ads or discount coupons to print. It is cheaper and the most effective way to reach your local customers.

You also know that social networking solution works; you know you should find the time to do it yourself, but other business matters are more pressing. LocalBlox has therefore created a social networking platform to build your presence and good reputation on Facebook & Twitter. Once established, you can use your social media profile as a reference to draw new customers, get recommendations and increase visibility on the web right away.

More and more people nowadays are using Web search engines to find and compare Neighborhood shopping and businesses for their goods and services, and those local small businesses which are unaware of or ignore this fact are suffering an ever-increasing disadvantage. Many people see little or no use for a local or regional business to have a Web site to promote their goods or services. After all, the Internet is a global thing, right? Wrong! There are several ways to promote local events locally or regionally, so that it brings in a disproportionately large volume of local traffic. Any business owner not using a Web site to promote a local or regional business is making a huge mistake, and ultimately leaving money on the table.

Recall that the reason to market a business is to give you the time and money to live the life you choose. Claim a free marketing for local small businesses by visiting Localblox's Local Small Business marketing solution to learn how to work with your own or other Local business ads to create a massive online presence while building a business for yourself at the same time.

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