Better Hygiene and Cleaner Environment With Bidets

The aim of this press release is to inform readers about Basic Bidet, a leading global bidet distribution portal offering a wide range of electronic and non-electronic bidets for complete hands free, hygienic, and environmental friendly cleaning.

Online PR News – 10-June-2011 – – The World Environment day is celebrated on 5th of June every year and the theme of this year was “Forests- Nature at your services”. Trees not only release oxygen or battle against climate change but also make this planet livable. However, in North American subcontinent, we thoughtlessly flush thousands of toilet paper rolls down the drains every year without giving a second thought to the trees that are felled every year to fulfill this demand of toilet papers. People in South East Asian countries, Europe, and South America have been using water to clean themselves with water after a big job for ages and Bidets are a standard fixture in bathrooms there. Despite growing awareness about the benefits of bidet, a lot of people are still skeptical when it comes to buy one for their home.

Leaving environmental concerns aside for a moment, it’s important to realize that bidets are a far better option as they provide completely hands free cleaning that too in a gentle manner. Modern bidet fits on the existing toilet seat and along with improved hygiene provides better maneuverability and comfort to the seniors, disabled, children and even pregnant women. Equipped with latest technology and features such as remote, dryers and build in music players etc. these bidets turn the mundane routine of going to the toilet an exercise in luxury.

Basic Bidet is a well-known supplier of a good quality electronic and non-electronic not only across Unites States, but cross the globe. Committed to the environmental cause and improved personal hygiene, Basic Bidet takes the task of educating people about the advantages of using a bidet instead of toilet paper rather seriously. The bidets they offer are of premium quality that last really long and are not easily damaged even after extensive use.

Basic Bidet assures 100% client satisfaction on bidets of all price range right from $59.00 to $499.00. Their free shipment services ensure that customers get their chosen product in time.
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