iCloud officially released

So far apple had released many multi-media devices including iPad, iPhone and iMac but there is none device that commonly shares data between all these instantly,

Online PR News – 11-June-2011 – – neither there are much Ethernets or connection medium except for USB. Keeping this in mind, the apple Inc. released iCloud. It is a device that is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iMac and with out any wire connection it can pick the data that is intended to be transferred and can transfer it to any of the device. All of them should be placed together to enable successful transfer of data.
All your content goes in the atmosphere. iCloud is like a hard disk in the sky. It gives you instant access to all multimedia, you do not have to up-date it again and again, neither manages it regularly, and iCloud does every thing for you. You do not have to do any thing. An additional feature or benefit as we may say is that when you sign up for iCloud, it gives you an automatic update of memory of 5GB, and that’s quite a large spcae. This is how iCloud works for all apple devices. All the apps that you use until now are all compatible with iCloud. It is like a new generation air hard disk.