Gnome Business Solutions (GBS) stepping up with continuous success report of SupportMart

SupportMart being a part of Gnome Business Solutions (GBS) has proved its caliber after serving 5,000 consumer and small-business customers across the country, with great efficiency.

Online PR News – 12-June-2011 – – Gnome Business Solutions (GBS) continually endeavors to provide clients & customers innovative solutions through a combination of tools, platforms and business processes and spans along multiple areas, such as Mortgage and Technical Support.

SupportMart is a part of Gnome Business Solutions (GBS), which provides remote PC support to consumers and small businesses and has fetched 5000 customers with its outstanding services.

Being a part of Gnome Business Solutions (GBS) SupportMart always choose best platform to serve their customers by fulfilling all criterions and is always happy to help their customers by offering a number of tech support services like PC installation and recovery, anti-virus/spyware, data back-up and PC speed optimization, where tech support is unlimited in its annual plan at very nominal rates.

Few dollars towards SupportMart will ensure great services centered on all Microsoft software’s.

Gnome Business Solutions (GBS) has significantly expanded the scope of its end-to-end support services offered to customers in US and UK with SupportMart, which has more than 5,000 consumer and small-business customers across the country, has proved its caliber in serving customers with great efficiency. SupportMart believes in choosing an advanced technology platform to deliver outstanding customer service and also for its rapid growth.

Gnome Business Solutions (GBS) services along with SupportMart are secure and provide fully redundant facilities to minimize any potential customer service interruption.

Gnome Business Solutions (GBS) believes in realizing cost and management efficiencies, but prior to those reaping real benefits to our customers.