CEH Certification is Leaving Hackers with a Thirst for the Next Level of Training

As a result of the Certified Ethical Hacker certification's popularity, a number of professionals are seeking additional training in hacking and penetration testing to boost their skills. Popular courses for such training include the ECSA/LPT, Cyber War, and Mobile Hacking courses.

Online PR News – 10-June-2011 – – The leading training company for Certified Ethical Hacker, or CEH certification, Advanced Security by the Academy of Computer Education, is at the forefront of educating a new generation of security professionals. Advanced Security is reporting a major increase in demand in higher level hacking and penetration testing classes since more people are now certified with the CEH certification. They are now targeting in large numbers classes such as ECSA/LPT, Cyber War (advanced persistent threat) and Mobile Hacking.

The first class taught by the Academy of Computer Education that is representative of the demand for higher level hacking and penetration testing is the ESCA/LPT course. Within this course, the ECSA component involves training for the certification of an EC Council Certified Security Analyst.Students learn how to determine and probe for the security risks that may apply to a network through the use of a number of low level hacking and penetration tactics. Students learn both how networks may fall under attack and the steps that they or IT departments may take to reduce the risks faced by individual networks. Through the ECSA, the practices of both hacking and forensics may be elevated to much higher levels than they had previously been raised through the CHFI and CEH certifications.

Similarly, the Licensed Penetration Tester, or LPT training course is also becoming highly sought after by hackers searching for higher levels of training. Through this course, which is the second half of the ECSA / LPT, students learn about both basic and higher level practices in the areas of hacking and penetration to enable them to better test the level of security a company has in its network. After a student achieves the Licensed Penetration Tester certification, he or she then becomes qualified to make recommendations regarding security to administrators.

The second class that is representative of the demand for higher level hacking and penetration qualifications is the Cyber War Course. This course is intensive and designed to offer hands on training that dwarfs the conventional levels of training offered in most traditional penetration testing courses. The course is taught by a number of the most respected professionals in security training, and these seasoned veterans are willing to share their knowledge and skills with students who are interested in learning the ins and outs of penetration testing. Students discover how to hack into a variety of high security environments and how to take steps to fortress networks against those very exploitation techniques.

The third class that is representative of the demand for higher level hacking and penetration qualification is the Advanced Mobile Hacking course. This course provides instruction in security and hacking concepts on a variety of popular smart phone platforms including the iOS platform for the iPhone and the Android platform for the majority of smart phones on the market. Jailbreaking is also covered in addition to processes and procedures for obtaining information and securing a variety of mobile devices. This course is focused on hacking popular mobile communication and networking devices currently being sold across the country, and offers a timely boost to skills of hackers.

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