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Welcome to Loupe Direct, a renowned and trustworthy online store which sells surgical loupes of the highest quality at low prices.

Online PR News – 09-June-2011 – – Our factory has been manufacturing dental and surgical loupes for more than 8 years. We have a factory direct sales approach and you will be benefited by our manufacturing expertise and get products at the lowest prices.

Loupe Direct maintains the high quality standard on dental and surgical loupes and as well as on the dental headlights. We pay great attention to the entire production process and while manufacturing them we employ a 'Total Quality Control' method. The products are visually inspected before leaving the factory. We are extremely confident about the quality of our products and therefore we offer 14 day return policy. If you are not satisfied with the product, then you can simply return the product within 14 days and believe us no question swill be asked. Although, we are confident that there will be hardly any issue with the quality. Our loupe mechanism comes with a lifetime warranty and a 2 year is provided on all frames.

We sell dental loupes at low prices as we bring our products directly from the factory and provide them through the Internet. Thus with the absence of middlemen, we are able to keep the prices low as compared to those provided by the conventional stores.

We sell FLIP-UP 2.5-3.5 Dental loupes, FLIP UP 4.0-6.0 loupes and TTL 2.5-3.5 surgical loupes. You can also buy LED Headlight & Filter, Disposable face shield from us. We provide high resolution optics with wide viewing field and custom prescription fitting. We provide free surgical storage case and accessory kit. Our loupes come with a sleek sporty frame and titanium frames. You can get instant access to online customer service.

For more information please feel free to visit www.loupedirect.com . For further information, U.S & Canadian customers can contact us at our toll-free number 1-866-485-0808. International customers can contact us at 718) 249-4878 and fax us at (831) 597-5018. You can send your queries to us at customerservice@loupedirect.com .