Live Fan Chat Inc Brings Social Media to Court?? with

Live Fan Chat inc has launched a new initiative for people to chat with each other live during high profile court cases.

Online PR News – 09-June-2011 – – New York, NY, June 06, 2011 -- Live Fan Chat inc is a privately held web technologies firm developing highly scalable chat technologies for interacting on the web during live events.

These technologies are used to provide registered users a number of "destination websites" to interact with each other online in real time.

All 14 sites previously launched in 2010/2011 are sports focused and include amongst others, and etc

Live Fan Chat’s most recent launch is which offers people a place to chat live with other during the high profile Casey Anthony capital murder case in Florida.

Live "gavel to gavel" video streams from first thing in the morning until the end of the court day while people chat live about witnesses, the lawyers and everyone’s favorite Judge Perry.

Co-Founder of Live Fan Chat inc Dean Collins is quoted as saying;

"Is the legal profession ready for this? I know that some lawyers have issues with cameras in the court but how the heck are they going to feel about people commenting blow by blow in real time? I have no idea…..lets find out.

What started out as a beta experiment during the jury selection process became serious when we served over 1100 man hours of streaming video on the first day of court with the controversial opening statements".

Changing the way you interact with live events forever - Live Fan Chat inc is a privately held New York based web startup delivering highly scalable chat web applications.

Revenue is a combination of advertising and branding opportunities, a single banner at the base of all our chat pages that is rotated every 60 seconds.

This banner is 468 x 60 and is very cleanly and prominently displayed without any distracting clutter.

Everyone pays the same low rate of $1 CPM ($50 for 50,000 banner impressions minimum purchase) and has access to their real time analytics engine.

Contact :
Dean Collins
Live Fan Chat inc
New York, NY
(Sydney in-dial)+61-2-9016-5642.
(London in-dial)+44-20-3129-6001.