Thin Veil Release Alternative Rock Masterpiece One

Multi-instrumentalist Jim Oblon and "Thin Veil" have been hard at work putting together an album for several years now.

Online PR News – 09-June-2011 – – Brooklyn, NY, June 09, 2011 -- Multi-instrumentalist Jim Oblon and "Thin Veil" have been hard at work putting together an album for several years now. After six years, the album One has arrived and it was well worth the wait. The alternative rock release will be a welcome addition to any music fan’s collection.

One features Oblon and pianist Craig Hartley, in a project that would rival some of the best recording today. The literal audible nirvana that Oblon and "Thin Veil" have created is something truly beautiful; they take the pain and suffering of a tormented physical life and turn it into beautiful music. From the ethereal wisps of sound in “Ghost” to the nightmarish pain in “Head of the Baptist” and “Apple,” this is an unforgettable trip not only for the artists, but for listeners alike. While the musical talent on the album is readily apparent, what really lies behind "Thin Veil" is spiritual pain and the true way out of earthly suffering.

Music was to eventually carry Oblon beyond his childhood dance with the spirit world, to a new world of existence that would confront and battle his false past. He studied at the Berklee College of Music and befriended a Capuchin chaplain. That experience would take him to New York. He became a session musician, where he would work with Paul Simon, Phil Ramone, and others. His past would continue to haunt him into adult life, until he met with a traditional priest that performed an exorcism. That moved him into the next phase of his life.

Oblon calls "Thin Veil" a product of all the ugliness of the material and physical realms, and One is his deliverance.

Leave it to music to provide the ultimate transcendence and mirror. Sometimes the sounds that musicians create are their own ticket to another true time and place. Jim Oblon and  "Thin Veil" with their ability to transform suffering to joy, is the maze and final way out, that is portrayed throughout the masterful One.

One is a musical masterpiece that awaits your consumption and sound samples and other media can be heard on the Thin Veil Myspace page.
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