Guidance Tax Relief Launches Exclusive No Credit Check Financing To Avoid Wage Garnishment

To help avoid the trauma of wage garnishment, Guidance Tax Relief launched an exclusive no credit check financing with flexible rates and terms.

Online PR News – 10-June-2011 – – Guidance Tax Relief, a tax advocacy group, introduced an exclusive no credit check financing to help families avoid wage garnishment. The group’s goal is to protect families get out of tax debt with the help of a tax attorney. The new plan brings tax debt relief allowing the settlement of tax debt for a fraction of the amount owed.

According to Guidance Tax Relief, “We negotiate with the IRS on behalf of our clients to help them with the best solutions for their tax debt. Our tax attorneys have in-depth knowledge of tax laws and experience to handle our customers’ cases and help them by getting the interest charges and penalties waived. Often, we succeed in having a federal tax lien removed by negotiating with the IRS on their behalf”.

Guidance Tax Relief’s exclusive no credit check financing can be availed by completing an online application form for quick approval. Customers can then receive details of the flexible rates and terms based on their specific situation, and get the help of a tax attorney to work on their case right away to help them avoid wage garnishment, property seizure, bank charges and tax imposition.

Usually, wage garnishment is ordered as a last resort to recover outstanding payments. It can be embarrassing for a client to be faced with the prospect of legal action since it involves their paycheck. In such situations, the immediate course of action is to get in touch with a reputable tax attorney so that proper measures can be taken.

Guidance Tax Relief stated that the IRS is extremely powerful and it is important to hire a tax attorney who is competent enough to protect the customer’s rights and also ensure the protection of assets that can be seized due to tax payment defaults. Tax settlement services are a specialty with the firm and clients can enjoy a no credit check approval for financing. In cases where the debt cannot be recovered from clients, a settlement agreement is negotiated and a part payment is collected. Tax debt relief can be enjoyed by the client when penalties and interest are waived off as it can mean substantial savings for someone who is on the brink of financial disaster.

After negotiating with the IRS, Guidance Tax Relief succeeds in getting the client manageable payment terms that gives them tax debt relief. This includes short term and long term payment plans based on the client’s ability to handle the payment. For clients who are not in a position to make payments right away, a plan with deferred payments is negotiated to help them eventually settle the tax debt.

Guidance Tax Relief is a tax advocacy group that offers tax settlement services and works towards helping families avoid wage garnishment as a result of tax debt. Their services include tax debt settlement with the help of a tax attorney, removing tax liens, preventing or stopping wage garnishment, property seizure, bank and tax levies and settling sales tax debt and payroll tax. For more information please visit


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