Grow Tomato Plants 10 Feet Tall With The EZ Tomato Cage

EZ Tomato Cage Inventors Unveil New Aid in Tomato Gardening
New product release and YouTube website is designed to facilitate communication between gardeners and EZ Tomato Cage inventors to stimulate increased yields and easier tomato and vegetable gardening.

Online PR News – 09-June-2011 – – Owatonna, MN  June 05, 2011 

The EZ Tomato Cage brand, is pleased to announce the launch of its new tomato cage the EZ Tomato Cage or “EZ TC” for short. This new and innovative design for a tomato cage can be demonstrated in a short product video found on the company’s website

You may also find this informational video and additional information on tomato gardening at the company’s YouTube Channel

This new tomato cage design will aid gardeners in producing a tomato crop with increased yields of 40% - 50% and help tomato gardeners grow plants as tall as ten feet. The E Z Tomato Cages are made with three galvanized steel tubular legs, 11/16” in diameter, with six high tensile wire hoop supports and stand 59” tall. Using two additional 24” 3 wire hoop extension can give you up to nine feet of support per cage, thus enabling you to grow plants up to ten feet high. The thickness of the of galvanized steel legs of the E Z Tomato Cage stabilize it when you insert it in the ground at a depth of 9 inches. This anchoring effect of the cage allows plants to withstand storms with even 50 mile an hour winds. The fruit is supported off the ground, enabling air to circulate to increase growth and the cages allow for easy access when picking.

The tubular legs slide around the high tensile wire to store flat. When flat, E Z Tomato Cages are less than 1” thick and you can store 6 in a 6” x 15” storage space in your garage. The cages only weigh 5 lbs. and can be stored inside or outside, it doesn’t matter.

“E Z Tomato Cages are not just for growing tomatoes. Use them for growing other plants that also benefit from supported growth such as beans, peas or cucumbers. Have fun gardening. said Luther Hanson – Inventor of the EZ Tomato Cage. Your comments on our cages are welcome.

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