MI Local Perks, LLC Announces Company Restructuring

Company restructures to offer affordable, online customer service and sales training and consulting.

Online PR News – 09-June-2011 – – CEO, Nova Yeoman-Forrestall announces this week that MI Local Perks, LLC has officially launched under its restructured format. Previously, the company known for its local shopping rewards program and printed publication has been on hiatus for the last 6 months, as research and development was conducted on the new business model that rolled out this week.

According to the CEO, “After months of market research, we realized that one of the most effective, and inexpensive ways to attract shoppers and to get them to spend money had nothing to do with points, rewards or discounts.” As a result of what was discovered, work began back in December, 2010, on the retooling of the MI Local Perks, LLC business plan and website.

“To truly create longevity and profitability, an organization needs to accentuate their biggest asset—their ability to provide personalized and customized customer service. Ultimately, to better serve those we do business with, we have re-launched as MI Local Perks, LLC, Customer Service and Sales Training & Consulting.” The new strategy now provides assistance to customer focused businesses (managers and staff), self-employed professionals, career minded job seekers, goal-oriented teens and even savvy shoppers, by equipping them with the tools needed to maximize each role in the customer care process. How?

“We’ve replaced points and rewards with education, training and consulting. Now, we can empower business owners to communicate and connect with consumers on deeper levels, to develop rapport, relationships and word of mouth referrals. Let’s face it, customers don’t seek to do business with businesses, they would much rather do business with people,” says Mrs. Yeoman-Forrestall.

The new business model retained the company name of MI Local Perks, LLC because according to the CEO, “Our ultimate mission has been to help small businesses thrive in this struggling economy. We are now more strategically positioned to do that, so the passion behind the business name has been reinvigorated with our new motto, ‘Putting the Perks Back into the Customer Service Experience’, thus there was no need to replace the name.”

All training courses are conducted online and facilitated by Nova Yeoman-Forrestall who is not only the CEO, but also a Customer Service Consultant and experienced facilitator and trainer. The first set of courses begins June 22, 2011 with the Excel in Customer Service as a Career – Employment Training, which includes, among other skill sets, a professional format for improving communication skills, good service as good sales, handling difficult customers, connecting corporate image to customer care roles, a sample resume and interview strategies.

Teen training starts later this month, self-employed and consumer training is available in July, while staff and manager training opens in August. Each course is complete with training materials provided. All participants receive a certificate of completion and the advantage of highlighting this education on their resume. “With our restructuring complete, we can now serve businesses and the customers that they serve by proactively affecting the customer partnership from every angle.”

For more information on customer service and sales training courses, consulting or the subject of this release, please visit www.milocalperks.com.

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