Traditional Chinese Herbal Product Helps Men Last Longer and Enhances Desire

Natural Male Enhancement formula focuses on what men really want: Lasting Longer in Bed

Online PR News – 09-June-2011 – – Most male enhancement drugs and herbal products focus exclusively on a single aspect of male sexual vitality, sending blood to the genital area. This emphasis on generating an erection through directing blood flow is important but not sufficient to address what makes a man fully sexually potent. Nature Rising™ a liquid herbal extract based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is formulated to not only direct blood flow but provide nourishment to build and re-energize the body’s key male hormone levels and basic ‘vital force’. Nature Rising™ supports what is called in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yin and Yang energy. In terms of male sexual potency, Yang may be thought of as the energy necessary for strong sexual desire and achieving an erection, while the Yin is what sustains a longer lasting erection. Steven Alexander, Product Manager for Sacred Leaves Botanicals, Inc., the maker of Nature Rising™ said: “We formulated Nature Rising™ to address the totality of male sexual enhancement instead of merely focusing on blood flow to the genitals as most pharmaceutical and herbal products do. Our in-depth research indicated that many men complain of the inability to last longer in bed and lack a vigorous sex drive. Traditional Chinese herbs are uniquely positioned to address these areas. The inclusion of herbs such as Shu di Huang (Rehmannia) ,Shan Zhu Yu (Cornus Fruit), and Chinese Yam (Shan Yao) which directly address nourishing Yin and premature ejaculation, make Nature Rising™ unique within the Male Enhancement product space”

Nature Rising™ is a combination liquid herbal extract comprised of eight Chinese herbs. Liquid herbal extracts are assimilated much more efficiently than tablets or capsules which must go through the digestive process. Nature Rising™ does not contain any harsh stimulant herbs or adulterants. Nature Rising™ works gently in the system. The effects of Nature Rising™ accumulate over time and it can be used as a part of your normal nutritional supplementation. Nature Rising™ can be ordered as a single unit trial size bottle or in 1, 2, or 3 months’ supply.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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