HHOTek Introduces Their Burn Water for Fuel, Home Heating System

We are launching the very anticipated Home Heating System that uses WATER as the fuel source.

Online PR News – 16-December-2009 – – HHOTek has announced another first in the water for fuel Green Technology Revolution. This time it is for a home heating unit, which produces hydrogen on demand, as a clean burning fuel source, to heat your home. The fuel is distilled water which is broken down into its components of hydrogen and oxygen through their proprietary self contained electrolysis system. HHOTek's Heating unit has a small footprint 21’’x21”x 9.5’’ and is a fully self contained heater it can be used as a portable or hybrid central heat system for up to fifteen hundred square feet.
The very best news is that it will do it for pennies on or off grid, as it uses only three hundred watts of electricity to produce a constant 130 cubic feet a minute, 125 degree air stream, while using only water for fuel and a modest amount of 12 volt energy to produce the hydrogen.
If you want to be at the forefront of the Green Technology Revolution, using the most efficient means to heat your home, mountain cabin, motor home, or portable office space, then this is the product for you. You will have bragging rights to boast having the greenest heat available anywhere. When you are hooked up to solar and or wind, it is free heat. Does it get any greener than that?
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