Can Information Bombardment Ruin Your Relationships?

People who are constantly connected to a stream of data have the potential to erode their personal relationships.

Through television computers and smart phones we are constantly connected to a stream of data that has the potential to erode personal relationships.

Online PR News – 08-June-2011 – – (Toronto, Canada.)—According to research from the Institute for Intellectual Capital Research, the average office worker in America receives 84 emails every 24 hours. She is also bombarded with over one hundred thousand words of information every single day. In fact, these figures have steadily increased over the last decade and are expected to continue to rise.

“We live in a world of Information Bombardment,” says Dr. Nick Bontis, leading academic researcher and author of Information Bombardment: Rising above the Digital Onslaught. “Through television, computers, and smart phones, we are constantly connected to a stream of data that has the potential to erode personal relationships.”

According to Dr. Bontis, even though we typically hunger for information, a steady diet of bits and bytes can be detrimental. The ability to discern which information is truly needed is important in maintaining healthy relationships and peace of mind.

“The age of information integration has arrived,” says Bontis. “The ability to see, read, hear, speak and access global streams of information from the comfort of our smartphone is now reality. What was the last thing you touched last night before you went to bed?”

Dr. Bontis suggests the following strategies to help manage information more effectively:

• use email prioritization tools
• reduce search costs through push alerts
• maintain mental acuity by playing brain games
• improve information-processing skills through speed reading
• taking advantage of email auto-foldering techniques and rule wizards

About the Author:
In 2010, Dr. Nick Bontis was named among the Top 5 Keynote Speakers for management and among the Top 30 Management Gurus worldwide along with such luminaries as Jack Welch, Tom Peters, Michael Porter and Jim Collins. He is an internationally sought-after management consultant and keynote speaker, hand-picked by the United Nations, the US Navy, Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, KPMG, Century 21 and others to help navigate the knowledge era. He is a popular TV and radio personality, a leading academic researcher and an award-winning, tenured professor of strategic management at McMaster University. As one of the world’s most cited authors in the fields of intellectual capital and knowledge management, he has amassed over a dozen prestigious teaching and research awards. He was recently recognized as a 3M National Teaching Fellow, an exclusive honor bestowed upon the top professors in the nation.

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