Pentagon Spends $23 Billion to Fight Rust; Rusterizer Offers Green Help To Decrease Expense

Rust can damage so many items and can bring big financial problems. To help homeowners prevent huge rust treatment expenses, MyCleaningProducts introduced Rusterizer to the public.

Online PR News – 12-June-2011 – – The Pentagon is reportedly spending an estimated $23 billion every year to fight rust. With the goal of decreasing that amount, the US Navy holds an annual conference called Mega Rust. The conference gathers the experts in the field of metal corrosion in the hope of discovering new strategies of battling rust away.

Understanding how rust treatment can be expensive and that homeowners cannot afford to spend too much fighting the said menace, MyCleaningProducts made Rusterizer available to the public.

Rusterizer is basically a rust spray solution. It is made of organic ingredients that are found in the remote areas of the world. And because it is organically-made, it is 100% free of toxic. Thus it is an ideal rust remover for those who want to get rid of rust effectively without polluting the environment.

“Our green rust remover is safe to use indoors and outdoors. It can get rid of rust on almost any surface be that a glass, concrete, wood and even plastic. On top of that, it can cause no allergies or any other type of disease because it is made of organic ingredients. With its natural components, it even promotes wellness.” said the creators of Rusterizer.

As a spray solution, Rusterizer also offers easy application. A user simply has to spray the product to the rusted surface for it to work. With no scrubbing needed prior the application, much time is cut off the rust treatment.

Additionally, an emulsion technology is infused with the product. And basically, that enables Rusterizer to prevents dirt build-up on the treated surface. With that, users are also spared from repeatedly cleaning the rust-damaged and treated items giving them more time for other important activities.

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