Peaceful Meditation For Global Peace - 8pm, June 18th 2011

Global Meditation for World Peace 8pm, June 18th 2011. An endeavor of Sydney based meditator Dean Crabb to get 1 million people to pray and meditate together for peace and harmony in the world.

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Sydney, Australia
Silence on a Global Scale for World Peace – 8pm, June 18th 2011
Earth Hour started in Sydney Australia and quickly grew to be a global phenomenon. This year another Sydney born initiative, “The Moment of Peace”, began and has been described by one participant as “Earth Hour for the Soul”.
With rapidly growing support internationally, this unique event is set to unify people globally in an hour of silence. Its message is simple; that we need to stop regularly and enjoy more quiet moments in our often busy lives.
The goal for 2011 is to get 1 million people involved. It will be the biggest single gathering of its kind in the history of the world.
The idea for “The Moment of Peace” came from its founder, Dean ‘Jagaro’ Crabb, through his commitment and passion for helping people find more meaning in their lives.
With the current pace of society, work and money stresses, natural disasters, political instability, economical imbalance, and escalating violence, “The Moment of Peace” offers the opportunity to unite people together and shift the balance of this world towards goodness and kindness.
“This however must first start by bringing balance and peace within ourselves.” Mr Crabb said. “We can no longer strive for individual happiness; peace is not achievable in this way. We must work together through generosity and kindness for this to occur. Through this we start change on a global scale.”
The event occurs on Saturday June 18th 2011, at 8pm (in your own local time zone). “The Moment of Peace” invites everyone to get involved in this significant global event. The event is completely free and open to all people from all walks of life to participate.
To learn how to get involved, simply visit Get together with a family and friends, or join a group in your community. If you are organising a group, you can also register on the website’s interactive map so others can find you and join in.
Here is a personal message from the founder
Dean ‘Jagaro’ Crabb, is available through the below information if you wish to contact him for questions or to arrange an interview.
Telephone – +61 (0)437 440085 or +61 (0)40 339 7000
Email –
Address – PO Box 463, Helensburgh, NSW Australia 2508