Miami-based business advisors Mgtaction now are authorized providers of Excellence Audit™

Winning in the future depends on companies creating the conditions where their talent is impassioned to deliver on brand promise. With Tom Peters Company’s Excellence Audit™ analysis instrument, MgtAction helps organizations achieve this.

Online PR News – 16-December-2009 – – Miami-based MgtAction LLC helps companies identify and execute improvement initiatives that pave the way to business excellence. Most companies that have survived 2008-09 will have endured hardships that inevitably have negatively impacted their cultures and productivity. As the early stages of an upswing begin to show, companies will need to assess their internal capabilities and start to implement improvement initiatives that re-engage their talent to deliver creative business building solutions that promote brand equity. MgtAction sees Tom Peters Company’s Excellence Audit™ as an instrument that provides the necessary insight to identify, prioritize and execute the relevant actions cost-effectively. “Simply put, business excellence is all about leadership creating a culture and infrastructure that makes people want to get up in the morning to go to work and forget when it’s time to go home”, says Evros Psiloyenis, Principal at MgtAction. “Excellent organizations are the result of great work by their passionate talent that are aligned and committed to the company’s vision,” Psiloyenis adds. To further strengthen their offering, MgtAction is now an approved provider of Tom Peters Company’s Excellence Audit™. This unique business improvement tool is based on characteristics drawn from Tom Peters’ work on business excellence since he published his book ‘In Search of Excellence’ 25 years ago. “Developed by Tom Peters Company, the Excellence Audit is a highly cost effective analysis methodology for those who are determined to pursue excellence in tough economic times and seek to maximize the ROI and success of their business improvement projects,” concludes Evros Psiloyenis.

About MgtAction LLC.
MgtAction, pronounced “management action”, specializes in helping organizations identify and execute performance improvement initiatives to achieve and sustain business excellence. MgtAction has been advising companies since 2000 in areas including business analysis, strategy design and execution support.