Progressive Automations Delivers Best Linear Actuators

Progressive Automations leads the customers' mind due to its low priced efficient linear actuators. The best convenience for the consumers is that they can find their products through internet and receive it right at their doorstep.

Online PR News – 12-June-2011 – – Richmond, BC -: Progressive Automations is a reputed North American company that is a leading manufacturer, distributor and on-line wholesaler of linear actuators and lifting columns to consumers in the United States, Canada and the rest of the globe. It offers a large variety of low priced linear actuators in different size, force and speed. It concentrates on bringing the most user friendly utilizing the latest technologies into products marketed by them. It offers the largest on-line selection of small to mid size linear actuators. Its customers are able to buy linear actuators directly from the company website in any quantity desired - it deals in orders ranging in size from a single unit to several thousand units. For larger orders it offers bulk discounts and its sales division is always ready to provide information on quantity pricing. Its warehouses located in Canada and the United States makes possible for it to offer its North American customers the added benefit of being able to place orders that are exempt from cross-border duty charges, regardless of location.

The company has a promising product range of Linear Actuators, Mini Linear Actuators, Linear Actuator with Potentiometer, Tubular High Speed Linear Actuator, Heavy Duty Linear Actuators, Track Linear Actuators and also manufactures supporting components like Control Boxes, Mounting Brackets, Foot Switch, Rocker Switch and other accessories. Lifting Columns that are preferred by a large customer base is also sold by it.

At Progressive Automations, all of our dual linear actuators are in fact AC linear actuators - they come equipped with a standard household AC plug to connect to your wall outlet. Our AC linear actuators are primarily designed for medical beds and office furniture; however, they can be used in a wide variety of applications. Our dual actuator is designed for applications where you require one or more actuators to work simultaneously for synchronized movement in your application. Please view the video of the dual ac linear actuator in the Video Section of our website for a better idea of how the product works.

Bulk of the actuators distributed by the company is DC linear actuator apart from its Dual Linear Actuators. The Dual Linear Actuators marketed by them are equipped with a standard household AC plug to connect to the wall plug point. Though primarily designed for medical beds and office furniture, they can be used in a wide variety of applications.

The company has a discounted section that showcases products that were over produced, has finishing issues not affecting its functionality during manufacturing process or short wires. These are useful and cost effective on a number of occasions. However the warranty of the products available on discounted section remains same as the other products.

The company has a ready stock of 12V actuators however for their 24V variation the customer need to place a customization request. All the products delivered from Progressive Automations carry an 18 months warranty. Little wonder the customers are convinced with its commitment and abidance of the same that it provides them best actuators in the market.