My JogStyle gives tips for running with hayfever

They fly again – pollen. Itching eyes, a runny nose, heavy breathing; the worst time of the year for allergy sufferers has come. And who normally exercises outside in the fresh air, thus quickly stops enjoying sports. My JogStyle gives some helpful tips, how to go jogging outside even with hay fever.

Online PR News – 08-June-2011 – – In general warm, dry or windy weather is the worst condition for a nice running unit without the typical hay fever symptoms. Jogging after or even in the rain is much more suitable as the air gets cleaned by wetness. However, here you need the right running clothes as otherwise there is the danger of catching a cold. To expose oneself as little as possible to the pollination a run through the conifer forest is preferable to the field or meadow. Who mainly suffers from itching and red eyes should wear sports glasses with side shields. Allergy sufferers should moreover spend more time on the warm-up and start slower into their training unit as their body needs more time to adapt to the physical strain. Difficulties in breathing or circulation problems are a clear sign to stop the roadwork. Who despite special caution and medical treatment still experiences problems running outside should visit a doctor or get advice at the pharmacy. Also after the training several things should be considered: Directly take-off your running clothes so that the pollen cannot spread throughout the house. A shower after the training is important; optimally also take a nasal douche. Therefore agents can be bought at the pharmacy. The running clothes should be shaken out or washed (at best by a non-allergy sufferer).

Who despite all these measures does not have any chance to indulge in his hobby in the fresh air, still has the possibility to visit a fitness studio instead. Of course this is not comparable to exercising outside; however it offers a good alternative.
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