Upcoming Live Webinar by CCM: Huge Sugar Alcohol Market in China

A free online webinar on China’s sugar alcohol industry is going to be held by CCM on June 28, 2011. It is expected that China’s sugar alcohols industry will witness the stable development in the future.

Online PR News – 12-June-2011 – – Guangzhou China, June 7, 2011 - A free online webinar on China’s sugar alcohol industry is going to be held on June 28, 2011, by CCM International Ltd., a China-based market research company with 10 years efforts in providing professional consultancy regarding Agriculture, Life Science, Chemicals and Energy, etc.

What is the current situation of sugar alcohol production? What are the obstacles that might decrease the growth of sugar alcohol? What kind of business opportunities are there in China? Which downstream products of sugar alcohol should you pay more attention to in the future? You may find all these answers through the webinar.

The webinar will give you a new perspective on the future of China’s sugar alcohol industry by analyzing current situation and confronted problems of sugar alcohol industry. It is strongly believed that there are infinite business opportunities ahead in China’s sugar alcohol industry.

As one of the largest sugar alcohol producers in the world, China has an output of over 800,000 tonnes in 2010, accounting for 50% of the whole. In spite of the high production capacity, there are also many challenges. For example, the tight supply of corn caused the rising cost of sugar alcohol production, let alone the fierce competition between sugar alcohols and high intensity sweeteners.

Confronted with these problems, sugar alcohol manufacturers should find more diverse ways to make survive and explore more new products. For example, the sugar-free food market is prosperous in China. More ideas will be shared in the upcoming webinar. Looking forwards to your attendance!

The following aspects will be discussed through this webinar:

Sugar alcohols production situation in China at present
- Overview of sugar alcohol production in the world
- Overview of sugar alcohol production in China
- Analysis of sugar alcohol production distribution in China
- Production expansion information

Current problems of some kinds of sugar alcohols industry in China
- Rising production cost
- Competition from other sweeteners
- Limited application
- Insufficient promotion
- Solutions for the problems

Forecast on sugar alcohol production in China in 2011
- Drivers of domestic sugar alcohol production
- Forecast on sugar alcohol output and demand in 2011.

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