Ontario Phone Cards announces major decrease in rates for India and Pakistan

Toronto, ON, june1, 2011—Ontario Phone Cards has announced a major decrease in the rates for India and Pakistan.

Online PR News – 12-June-2011 – – Toronto, ON, june1, 2011—Ontario Phone Cards has announced a major decrease in the rates for India and Pakistan. First Choice Calling Cards offered by Ontario phone cards are known to have superb line quality and these provide with 100 % advertised number of calling minutes without any hidden charges. First choice calling cards is announcing new low call rates for different countries and this offer is effective from june1, 2011.
First choice Calling Cards at Ontario Phone Cards do not come with any sort of hidden charges and fees. This is the specialty of these calling cards that brings not only an impressive line quality to the customers but an affordable range of rates as well. And, now, it has released newer rates for different countries like India and Pakistan and these calling rates are even less than ever before. Now, the calling rate to landline numbers in Pakistan is 7.2c/min. And, the calling rate to mobile numbers in Pakistan is just 5.3c/min. The landline numbers in India will cost now only 1.5c/min and the calling rate to mobile numbers in India is only 2c/min. These calling cards rates are the real rates and do not have any sort of hidden charges unlike many other calling cards which offer low rates but decrease the number of calling minutes as well.
All those customers who have bought First Choice calling cards earlier than this offer need not to worry as their calling rates will get changed according to this offer automatically. In order to view, all the new rates to Pakistan, the customers may log on to http://www.ontariophonecards.ca/pakistan.calling-cards. And in order to view the information regarding the new call rates to India, http://www.ontariophonecards.ca/india.calling-cards is to be viewed. Now the customers will be able to enjoy the same quality by spending even less. Ontario Phone Cards is surely the bridge which will cut down the distance between different countries by offering low calling rates.
First Choice calling cards are quite reputable pertaining to calling cards regime in Canada. These calling cards come with a toll free access number and can be utilized from any location in Canada. But the greatest reason behind their popularity is the quality of line which does not come at the cost of higher calling rates and hidden fees and charges. These have quite competitive calling rates which are coming with a more cut down range for different countries on june1, 2011.