DebtCC Social Answers –A platform for sharing questions and answers

DebtCC (DebtConsolidationCare) Community has come up with a new section “Social Answers” for sharing questions, answers and insights. The section helps you find quality answers to your financial questions. The best thing about Social Answers is the voting system. This primarily means that you can cast votes to the questions and answers as per their quality.

Online PR News – 08-June-2011 – – Debt ConsolidationCare Community has introduced a new section called Social Answers. The new section has been created, developed and designed in a questions and answers format. The main concept of "Social Answers" is to provide correct and quality answers to the financial questions asked in the section.

With DebtCC coming up with the new section, you can post any financial question without paying any dollars. You don't have to register in the Community or pay any fee for posting any question. All you need to do is, write and submit your question in a proper category.

There are around 11 financial categories in the section – debt, payday loan, credit repair, student loans, bankruptcy, mortgage, tax, banking, identity-thefts, collection agencies, budget and personal finance. You can submit your questions in one of these categories. The community members/industry professionals/experts/participants will give answers to your questions after the questions are displayed in “Top Questions” or “Recent Questions”.

One unique feature of "Social Answers" is the voting system. The Community has introduced the voting system in the section to build and maintain good questions and answers. If you think that anyone has posted useless question or an answer, then you can vote it down. The answers getting the highest number of negative votes will be ranked lowest. However, if you feel that anyone has given a good answer, then you can give positive votes to it. The answer securing the highest number of positive votes will be considered as the best answer.

The registered members of the DebtCC Community can earn credit points based on the quality of their questions and answers posted in “Social Answers”. This is a good opportunity for them to get some kind of reputation or recognition for their contribution in the Community. They can even encash these points in dollars if they want to. So, this implies that the community members are getting a rare opportunity earn money for sharing their knowledge with others.

So far, the Community has received encouraging response from the Community members and guests on "Social Answers". A DebtCC community member Jeorge Prieston says, “ I like “Social Answers” better than Forums. The new section gives me an opportunity to get the right answer. I am just tired of meaningless discussions and fights in DebtCC Forums”. Another Community member has exclaimed, “The best part of “Social Answers” is the credit points system. This gives me a scope to share my knowledge and earn dollars side by side”. Other community members and guests are quite happy about the whole thing. They have given useful suggestions to the Community for making “Social Answers” more interesting and informative. The Community is working on incorporating their suggestions and implementing new features to make "Social Answers" a good questions and answers website.

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