CabParts, Inc. Reaps Benefits of Using Custom Software

Fowler Software Design created custom software for CabParts, Inc. that allows them to simplify their their employee training, ease order entry, customize their product and improve accuracy.

Online PR News – 15-December-2009 – – Denver, CO, December 15, 2009 – Denver-based Fowler Software Design created customized software for CabParts, Inc. when the company realized its current software program wasn’t providing flexibility, speed and accuracy.

CabParts began working with Fowler Software Design developer Jack Allread more than five years ago, although Stuart Thompson, General Manager for CabParts said he wishes they would have started working with Fowler Software earlier than that.

“We were using a proprietary order entry and parts sizing program from the late 80’s, written in a DOS format. Our business and product needs had grown to the point where we needed more flexibility and speed and accuracy of entry. We also needed a system that would allow easier training of new employees.”

Fowler Software Design created custom software for order entry, individual parts sizing calculations, and to interface with their CNC production machinery.

“The main benefit has been to get a program that does just what we want and need it to do and no more. We also enjoy the fact that we do not pay a license fee per user every year,” said Thompson.

“CabParts is a great example of the main problem facing most small to medium-sized companies today. They have software that is hard to use, unable to grow as their business grows, and causes them to spend more time trying to use it rather than actually going out and promoting their company and services,” said U.B. Ciminieri, VP of Sales and Marketing at Fowler Software Design.

Additional benefits of the new custom software for CabParts include simplified employee training; an easier order entry process; and greater customization of their product and improved accuracy of customized product sizing. CabParts is also able to electronically store job information instead of paper storage.

“The experience with Fowler and Jack specifically, has been top notch. Jack or someone at Fowler has always had an answer to a question or a solution to a problem. We do not have a lot of experience with prepackaged software, but what little we do have tells us that the service we get from Fowler and the efficiency of the program has been worth the effort and initial cost.”

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