At long last, a great new way to locate painting companies and local painters.

This article is about a new website that specializes in helping you find the best painting companies, local painters and house painters in your locality.

Online PR News – 08-June-2011 – – If your house is beginning to look old and worn out, the easiest solution to a great looking house is to locate the best painting companies and call in the best house painters! But wait, how can you find the best local painters? Anyone who has ever searched for these professionals will know just how difficult it is to find a professional painter when you need one in a hurry! This is exactly the problem that has been addressed by the launch of This specialized site is dedicated to providing truly local information for every kind of painting service you might need.

A painting project tends to sound deceptively simple. Little do we know about all the technicalities involved. For instance, there are many different kinds of paint and more hitting the market every day. Unless one has a working knowledge of these, how does one choose the best paint? There could be a much more advanced and better suited paint available for the same cost and one would not even know about it. This is one of the simple reasons why one can do better by just calling in professional services. Professional local painters can do the job efficiently and the finish will speak for itself, as anyone who has ever tried to paint a wall before can tell you!

“At Best Painting Pros, we believe in ensuring that you find the best Painting companies in your area at the click of a button.” says Ken Fry, VP Local Marketing, Best Painting Pros. According to Ken, “simplicity is of paramount importance in the design of any online directory or site that is intended to cater to persons looking for a specific service. If the site is complicated and navigating to what one needs is difficult, then the success of the site will be limited. Speed and convenience should be the mantra for the design of any such site. We, at Best Painting Pros have strived to give you a site where you can find local painters, house painters, whatever painting related service you need, within seconds. The search criteria have been made as specific as possible!”

This is very good news indeed. We are all familiar with telephone directories where we have skimmed down many pages, searching an endless list for a service we need. There is no point in logging on to an online directory and doing the same thing, only this time around we will be scanning our computer monitors! A site that is service specific, that too for a popular service like painting, can be a most useful. The technology involved in the field of painting has progressed in leaps and bounds. There are paints that have been developed specifically for every kind of surface and the number of finishes one can achieve have become boundless. There are professional services specializing in all kinds of painting, so having a site that can lead you to specific kinds of painting companies can cut down a lot of your search time. Whether you need house painters or local painters to touch up your office, is the site for you!