Banckle Collaborator Newsletter for May 2011 is out now

Banckle Collaborator newsletter for May 2011 pay major attention towards Banckle Marketplace Apps that will extend functionality from Banckle Apps to 3rd Party platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal and Blogger etc.

Online PR News – 12-June-2011 – – Banckle Collaborator newsletter for May 2011 is available now. In this newsletter, you would find all the information about newly supported features, bug fixes and performance enhancements that we made during this month.

This month we have been working on improving many features and functionalities, as well as greatly furthering our Marketplace forefront to allow an even wider audience to experience Banckle. As always information and news about the latest feature and functionality can always be found on the Banckle Collaborator Blog.

This issue aims to showcase the exciting new developments and features in Banckle Collaborative and Social Apps, and highlights key performance tweaks and feature enhancements across the product line. Our main focus this month was to extend functionality from your favorite collaborative and social applications to wider audiences via different platforms, as well as enable you with more control over your social and collaborative experience.

What’s new in this month’s newsletter?

- Banckle Live Chat now on WordPress, Shopify, Blogger and Joomla: Banckle Live Chat WordPress Plugin's success got us thinking that we should expand our Marketplace Apps front to new frontiers and that's exactly what we did. Banckle Live Chat now has a Shopify App, a Joomla Extension and can be deployed on Blogger easily as well!
- 25% lifetime discount for ex-DimDim users: Banckle allows ex-DimDim users to sign up for a 25% lifetime discount till 30th June 2011. Banckle Online Meeting is the perfect alternative to DimDim as well as other web-conferencing tools and apps.
- 20% lifetime discount for first 100 Shopify users: Banckle announce a brilliant 20% Lifetime Discount offer for the first 100 users of the previously announced Banckle Live Chat Shopify App. Our Banckle Live Chat Shopify App is going to hopefully be approved soon, but users can still install it at their eStores via the Banckle Live Chat page at the Shopify App Store.
- Aspose Pty Ltd - Parent Company, Friend and Partner: We are delighted by recent developments in our relationship with our parent company, Aspose. Banckle Apps are already being used in Aspose's Sharepoint offering for Network Programming and we blogged about it before. Banckle Live Chat is also being used at the Aspose website to offer live support and sales to customers.
- Banckle Online Meeting for Linux: Banckle Online Meeting now allows you to use all features across Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. This allows Banckle to join the league of only a few web-based web conferencing service providers that provide this facility.
- Video Tutorials for Banckle Apps Admin: This month team Banckle has published video tutorials for Banckle Apps Admin. Banckle Apps Admin is not to be confused as a separate App. It is the administrative center of your Banckle Apps company account and lets you perform User management, Rebranding/Customization and administrate various Banckle Apps.
- Full HD Video Streaming in Banckle Online Meeting: Banckle Online Meeting now allows users to stream full HD content live after uploading it to the Banckle Servers.
- Banckle Online Meeting JavaScript Library: Now developers can use Banckle Online Meeting API in their JavaScript based products. An externalized JavaScript library has been made available for developers.
- Banckle Online Meeting's Facebook Widget: Banckle Online Meeting's invitation widget has been designed to work automatically as soon as you share a meeting link on your wall, your pages wall or your colleagues/friends wall. The widget is automatically posted and allows all those interested to register for the meeting.
- Banckle Live Chat for WordPress compatible with WordPress 3.1.2: Full compatibility of the Banckle Live Chat WordPress Plugin has been ensured with the new version of WordPress (3.1.2). This comes as great news to all those that have upgraded their WordPress based blogs and websites to 3.1.2.
- Banckle Feedback Capture supports multiple forums: Banckle Feedback Capture users can now set up, deploy and use multiple Banckle Feedback Capture forums on their web-pages. This will allow users to divide and categorize customer and user feedback. Visitors and users will be able to provide you with their feedback on multiple feedback forums that you define per category e.g. by service, by product, by user category or however required.

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