Enterprises transform e-mail overload from a costly problem to competitive advantage utilizing Dynamic Prioritization Technology

Messagemind™, Inc., announced that its enterprise customers have achieved major success accelerating innovation and shortening time to market using its new product, OPEN.

Online PR News – 15-December-2009 – – Messagemind™, Inc., announced that its enterprise customers have achieved major success accelerating innovation and shortening time to market using its new product, OPEN. OPEN is an intelligent software application that dynamically maps social networks within enterprise and helps its workforce to easily find experts and key employee-customer relationships and share ideas and collaborate. It has proven especially valuable for research, development, marketing, sales, customer service, and IT departments.

OPEN is unique in that it is dynamic, easy to use, works in the background and requires minimal or no user intervention. Messagemind’s patent-pending technology automatically maps an organization’s social networks utilizing email flow and user-behavior in a way that is compliant with company’s HR and legal privacy policies. Research shows that more than 70% of an enterprise’s critical information flows through email.

Globalization, cost cutting and intensifying competition are challenging the way companies manage innovation, collaboration, and productivity. Companies are seeking new tools to ‘institutionalize knowledge’, help them identify key individuals and their networks, measure and monitor the speed and quality of relationships, communications and transfer of ideas, and leverage customer relationships.

Management often is unable to analyze strategically important networks of their organizations due to the extensive time and resources required to manually gather constantly changing data from dispersed locations.

Clive Fernando, Director Sales, Messagemind, says “One of our global customers invests billions of dollars in R&D per year. They were seeking ways for multiple divisions and teams to share knowledge more effectively, and bring teams together for faster time-to-market.”

“Our customer wanted a solution that would automatically gather knowledge and map social networks across business divisions without requiring any manual input from busy employees. The solution also needed to meet country-specific privacy laws, HR policies and regulatory compliance requirements.”

“OPEN was deployed across selected business units around the globe. Users included a mix of knowledge workers, business analysts, IT professionals, as well as marketing and sales professionals. Within six months of implementation, the technology enabled potential savings in the millions of dollars while greatly accelerating time-to-market for new products.”

About Messagemind
Messagemind ( provides a suite of easy-to-use intelligent software and services that are helping global enterprises and government customers leverage email overload to increase productivity, accelerate innovation and enhance customer service. Messagemind is the only company that offers complete email productivity and business intelligence software including Dynamic Prioritization™, workflow best practices, dynamic social network analysis, productivity analytics and reporting at all levels – all in compliance with EU and other country-specific laws and company policies. Messagemind working with its select partners including IBM, Microsoft, HP, RIM, among others, offers a global reach for implementation, support and management consulting services.