Internship Placement Service Provider Discusses Mistakes That Every Intern Must Avoid
06/07/2011 explains everything from how to handle mistakes to how to make the most of your Internship experience.

Online PR News – 07-June-2011 – New York, New York – According to Chanin Coyle, President of USAIntern, LLC (, an online leader in internship placement services throughout the United States, there are six errors that every intern should avoid committing.
Some interns are just too casual.

Whether it’s your clothes, your attitude, or your interactions with others, Coyle says that some interns make the mistake of becoming too laid back in the office. This also applies to the way that interns write emails or reports, she explains, warning that using slang is not appropriate.

“Interns should strive to respond to tasks quickly and establish good communication skills with their supervisors,” says Coyle. “Always remember that impressions are made quickly and it is really easy to make an impression, good or bad.”
Some interns don’t take notes.

Coyle says that an intern must always have a pen and notepad on them to avoid having to ask redundant questions when given a task. In fact, she says that everything should be written down.
Some interns get stuck in a rut.

“Spread your wings during your work experience and don’t be afraid to look for other assignments while on the job,” Coyle says. “However, always make sure you have handled your assigned tasks first before exploring other opportunities.”

By taking initiative and gaining a wide variety of experiences, Coyle says that an intern has a better chance of catching the eye of his or her superiors.

Some interns bite off more than they can chew.

Internships can be time consuming and students should evaluate and prioritize their schedules to make sure nothing

slips through the cracks.

“I know students that have overloaded themselves and got to the point where their priorities were not in order,” she says. “Some students take on too much at once.”

Some interns take themselves too seriously.

Although interns should maintain their professionalism at all times, there is such a thing as being too uptight.

“The best advice I can give to interns is that they should lighten it up a bit and go into their new internship wanting to do a good job and wanting to prove themselves as an asset,” Coyle says. “Avoid over-analyzing everything.”
Some interns don’t own up to their mistakes.

An internship is a learning experience and every intern makes mistakes.

“Your superiors know that this may be your first position in a new field, so try to see the value in your mistakes and move on,” says Coyle. “In fact, the best way to gain the respect of your superiors is to own up to the mistake, fix it and then learn from it.”

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